Losing My Gall Bladder Makes Me Dump More

I’m just getting over a major dump.

Today started great. I went to a meeting, then went to the park to walk. 2.4 miles in 30 minutes, worked up a nice sweat. I had eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, and have already had 2 of my 4 daily propels. Had a yogurt for mid-morning snack. So I’m at about 27 grams of protein so far for the day. Really doing well. Oh, and I took my morning calcium and silica supplements.

I’ve been a really good girl this morning!

So for lunch, I go with broiled scallops and a salad. I add cheese crumbles and some sunflower seeds to the salad to up the protein count.

10 minutes after the salad is gone, it hits me.

I break out in a sweat. My pulse is thumping in my temples. And I’m super nauseas. My head even hurts a bit.

My first reaction is really to get mad. I don’t deserve this! It was a salad for goodness sakes! But as I think about it, I guess it was kinda high in fat. Cheese, sunflower seeds, and ranch dressing.

Last night, the family went to Taco Bell. I used to always be able to eat the Zesty Chicken Border Bowl. Chicken, cheese, beans… good stuff. Last night it made me dump, just like the salad did today.

It’s been this way since having my gall bladder out. Sugar doesn’t bother me as bad (except for the piece of cake I had at the baby shower last weekend – it sent me to bed for the afternoon) but fat just absolutely kills me.

Of course, the BAGELS with cream cheese don’t bother me at all. And no, the fact that they have 10 grams of protein does NOT make up for the fact that they also have 52 carbs. But boy do they feel good on the pouch. How fair is that?

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why having this surgery isn’t the easy way out. Right now, I gotta go. I don’t feel so good.

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