Gastric Bypass Surgery Boosts Libido – Now THAT’S A Benefit!

Interesting tidbit today. (Warning: This post could be a bit more risque than normal. You’ve been advised. Proceed accordingly.)

According to a Reuters item (Weight Loss Surgery Boosts Testosterone Levels) Men who have gastric bypass surgery can increase libido and actually cure erectile dysfunction. Talk about your gastric bypass surgery benefits!

Well, that’s cool.

According to the study, testosterone levels in morbidly obese men are often low. In the sample that was studied, half of the 48 men who participated had “below normal” levels. That’ll make for some soft spaghetti.

So then these 48 men had weight loss surgery. They lost a bunch of weight. And guess what? Yep. After 1 year, “virtually all” the men had normal levels of testosterone. Which meant nice, firm (“al dente”, anyone?) pasta.

This makes sense to me. Years ago when I had my hysterectomy, my OBGYN told me that sometimes very overweight women don’t have to have estrogen replacement. Seems there’s estrogen in fat cells. So it makes sense that very overweight men might have problems carrying a whole lot of extra estrogen around, and that those problems would melt away along with that extra estrogen. That would, of course, allow them to “spring back” so to speak.

Something else to consider. I’ve heard it mentioned in support groups that weight loss in men leads to a certain … shall we say endowment. A bit of an increase, or at least the impression of one. They say it’s due to the fact that (trying to put this delicately) extra fat at the base of the mountain can make the peak seem closer to the ground. Once the extra fat is gone, there’s a longer distance from ground to peak.

Anyone who’s ever been around on Christmas morning knows that boys like to play more when they get bigger toys.

Girls, too, for that matter.

So, weight loss surgery will affect your marriage in a whole lotta ways. I’ve mentioned some of the negative ones before. But this is a benefit that can balance some of that out. Enjoy! 


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