Losing Weight Again

It finally seems to be happening. Although I hate to say it out loud, because last time I did it went away overnight.

But I seem to be losing weight again. Finally!

My latest weight was 173. This is after bouncing between 176 and 178 for what seemed like forever. Of course, before that I was stuck on 180 for over a month.

So, just when I thought I’d never see my goal of 150, it looks like maybe, just maybe, I’ll get there one day.

I am at least a little closer!

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One Response to Losing Weight Again

  1. Just a note – the weight is still coming off! This morning I was an even 170! Yaay! Exactly 25 pounds to go until my newly-revised goal of 145. That’s the number at which my BMI becomes “normal.” I’m still kinda bouncing back and forth between that and 150. I think I’ll know as I get closer. At least I hope so – I’d hate to keep shifting my goal lower and lower in some vain search for unattainable perfection.