For My Grandma

I love my Grandma very much, and she hasn’t seen me since before my gastric bypass surgery. She doesn’t use email, so I haven’t been able to send her the digital pics I’ve taken. But she does have a computer, and today she was going to try and look up this site to see what I look like now. So if the rest of you will excuse me, this post is for her.

Mamaw, this is probably what you remember me looking like:

Click on the word “more” below to see my progress, and what I look like now.

Around Christmas last year, I’d lost about 60 pounds and looked like this:

Me At Christmas - 5 Months After Gastric Bypass

In June, I’d lost about 110 and was wearing a size 14. I looked like this:

11 Months After Surgery

Pretty hot, huh? Well, it gets better. I’ve lost another 15 pounds since then and can even wear some size 8′s.

Me after gastric bypass - I can wear a size 8Me after gastric bypass

I bet you never thought you’d see me look this good!

I love you very much. Thanks for being such a wonderful grandmother. And tell Eddie I said “Hi” if he’s still there.

Your “favorite”


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