Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Help Women Conceive

I liked this story, and with all the less-than-pleasant posts of late, thought it was a great time to bring some balance with some positive news.

But it turns out that one of the many benefits of gastric bypass surgery, in addition to weight loss, is that women who’ve been infertile often find themselves joyfully and surprisingly pregnant.

And I’ve seen the truth of this one in my own life. A good friend of mine — in fact, the very person who’s succes with gastric bypass surgery inspired me to go for it myself — had been unable to conceive for over a decade. We married within a couple of months of each other in 1994, yet in early 2007 when I was beginning my approval process she had just discovered she was finally pregnant for the very first time. Today, she’s the proud Mama of an incredibly beautiful baby girl.

Here’s some exerpts from the story I found, located here (Gastric Bypass Surgery Sometimes Helps Women Conceive):

Gastric Bypass Surgery Sometimes Helps Women Conceive

NEW ORLEANS — Losing weight isn’t the only benefit of gastric bypass surgery for some women trying to conceive…

…”We’re finding that since we have high numbers of patients undergoing the procedure — the majority of those being women — we’re finding that patients getting gastric bypasses who were never able to conceive before or didn’t have the desire to are now getting pregnant,” Hamilton said.

Many of the complications associated with obesity often go away with weight loss, like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and sleep apnea, Hebert said.

There are some very special considerations women who have had gastric bypass surgery must think about when it comes to pregnancy. Women should wait 12 to 18 months after surgery before trying to have a baby, and they will have to take extra steps when it comes to nutrition.

“We find that in addition to prenatal vitamins, we want them to take things like folic acid, calcium and iron just because the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can occur after having the surgery done,” Hamilton said.

“Being pregnant with gastric bypass, your calcium, your iron is totally different,” Haywood said. “She was taking iron from me, so I had to triple the iron, triple the calcium, plus a multipurpose vitamin and a prenatal vitamin.”

Haywood gained 12 pounds during her first pregnancy, and while she’s gained more weight with her second pregnancy, she said it’s all worth it.

“I’ve gained weight, I’ve gained 40 pounds, but I’m getting a son,” Haywood said.

The other personal experience I have with this is in regards to my second son. I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and had tried for several years to get pregnant to no avail. In one of my many attempts to lose weight, I did the Atkins diet. In one month, I lost 20 pounds and got pregnant.

(I also must point to a very powerful church service I attended during this time, during a women’s conference, when the speaker led us through an incredibly powerful time of prayer. It was an incredible move of God, and you really did feel that at a certain point He asked what it was you wanted from Him. The speaker said to pray for “life”. I was thinking of lost loved ones, people in my family who needed physical touches. But within a few weeks I had a positive pregnancy test. I believe God can just miraculously do things, but I also believe He can use things like the Atkins diet to rid my body of the insulin imbalances that were preventing conception. But I have to tell all sides of this story, and you can believe whichever part you like.)

My thoughts on this is that many of us women, when we’re overweight, it messes with out hormones. One of the benefits often associated with gastric bypass surgery is a reduction in diabetes, and in metabolic syndrome. It’s long been my theory that the insulin issues involved in these, combined with the hormonal imbalances that come from excess fat stores, interfere with conception. So to me, it makes perfect sense that so many women are able to finally conceive after gastric bypass surgery.

Not only does the surgery itself help take care of the insulin and metabolic issues, the resulting weight loss helps get the estrogen and other hormone levels back toward normal.

Add to this the finding that gastric bypass can increase your libido, and well… it’s the “perfect storm” for baby making!

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