The Wound Vac Is Gone!!

Oh, I am sooooooo happy!

I just came back from my visit to Susie, my wound specialist. Have I mentioned before how awesome Sue is? She’s like the Michael Jordan of wound care. No, he’s retired. She’s the Tiger Woods, the Jimmie Johnson, the Tyler Hansbrough… Whatever your sport, whoever is the elite “top of their game” person, that’s who Susie is. She’s just gooood.

I wish I could describe in detail what all Sue did to make the huge, gaping hole in my stomach become just a tiny indentation. It’s as if the Grand Canyon was all filled in, and is now just a creek on the surface. That’s what I have – a very shallow area that could have been just a deep scrape if you didn’t know any better.

Best of all, I’m no longer hooked up to the tube that’s sucking gook out of my stomach. That thing was cumbersome, uncomfortable and annoying. Plus, you could see the gook draining through the tube and that was embarassing. But no more!! I can even stand up straight again!

There’s still a good bit of healing to do. Sue says I’ll still need to come see her for dressing changes and maintenance for another week or so. But right now I’ve been liberated. I’m so happy I don’t know what to do!

This whole, miserable gastric bypass surgery complication experience is almost behind me!

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One Response to The Wound Vac Is Gone!!

  1. I would like to discuss this with you. My daughter came home after 3 weeks in the hospital for bariatric surgery and subsequent complications necessitating another surgery, She now has a wound vac. I have many questions and would love to speak with someone that has been through this.