Bariatric Surgery Success Increases With Physical Activity

Exercise Improves Bariatric Surgery SuccessSometimes I am amazed at the things that are reported as “news,” even though they should be common sense. Nonetheless, it seems scientists have proven that bariatric surgery success improves with exercise.

Researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine say, “Previously inactive patients who became physically active after bariatric surgery lost more weight and achieved greater improvements in quality of life than those patients who remained inactive.”

(Read the full article here: Physical Activity After Bariatric Surgery Improves Weight Loss, Quality Of Life)

In the early days following surgery, it sometimes seems as if the weight will come off whether you exercise or not. This study clearly shows otherwise.

190 patients were studied for one year following bariatric surgery. Those who went from being previously inactive (the study defined “inactive” as getting less than 10 minutes of exercise on average per day) to “active” lost an average of 8% more weight. They also found that everyone in the group who were “active” after surgery (whether they had been “inactive” before surgery or not) also reported greater improvements in areas such as general health, vitality, depression and anxiety symptoms compared with those who remained inactive.

So exercising after bariatric surgery helps you lose more weight, and it helps you feel better overall.

This particular study ended at one year post-op. But it’s often been said that the main key to avoiding regain long-term is also — you guessed it — getting exercise.

Of course there are exceptions, there are people who still have physical or health issues that prevent them from doing certain things even as they lose weight. But most of us have few excuses. As the weight comes off, we get more energy, we have fewer aches and pains that prevent us. So there’s really no reason for the majority of us not to get out there and be active.

Common sense could have told us, but now we have scientific proof as well: we’ll lose more weight, we’ll feel better, and we’ll keep more weight off. So lets get out there and get moving!

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3 Responses to Bariatric Surgery Success Increases With Physical Activity

  1. Ginna Dorkin

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  2. shayne.whitaker

    Hi treenie
    I also have been accepted to have a bypass shortly and am also looking for someone to talk to about it. I am nervous about it, but feel that this is my only hope left! I have been dieting for 30 years and have been on every diet in the book! Anyway if you get to find someone who has had it for over 2 years i would be grateful if i could share the info with you. Maybe we can keep in touch to encourage each other?
    Keep smiling

  3. HI there, I stumbled upon your site while looking researching Gastric Bypass. I have been accepted to have this done in the near future and looking for someone to talk too about it. I want to talk to more people who have had it so i can understand what i am doing a little more