Awesome New WLS Resource

Here is another post I wrote at the end of January but couldn’t publish due to computer problems:

wlschannelMany thanks to Yvonne at Bariatric Girl for turning me on to this incredible resource – and for mentioning little ole me in the process!

It’s a website called the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. And it is PACKED with information, videos, inspiration – everything you need to know about WLS.

Every week, they put together a show called WLS News. It’s a fantastic program you can watch right there on the website, and it covers WLS- related news from around the world. Very professionally done and worth your while to watch.

AND, our friend Yvonne has her own segment each week where she spotlights some of the best WLS websites around. Yvonne is a bigtime inspiration to me – she’s maintained her post-wls goal weight for 7 years now! And, if you check out her blog, she has some fantastic wisdom and insights to share.

So I was absolutely tickled PINK when I heard that she had decided to talk about Gastric Bypass Truth on her January 23rd segment. I’m honored. And I wanted to return the favor, in case any of you haven’t yet discovered this wonderful website.

Check out the Weight Loss Surgery Channel here.

And don’t forget to drop by Bariatric Girl and say “hi” to Yvonne as well! You will be so glad you did!

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