Plastic Surgery – The Process Begins (Hopefully)

Well, I did it. At least I think so.

I think I found a reason to have my insurance cover some plastic surgery for me. A real reason. Something I actually really need fixed whether it would look better or not. Although I was worried at first about getting plastic surgery, but then I read some after care guides that helped me feel more at ease. You can read their guide here.

In a nutshell, I had the gastric bypass. I lost 150 pounds. So pretty much everything on my body is.. well… lets just say lower than it used to be. Gives new meaning to the term “sportin’ a sag.”

In the front it’s actually not too horrible. Nothing like some pictures I’ve seen, and I am very thankful for that. Of course a tummy tuck would make an awesome improvement that I would just LOVE, but it isn’t crucial to my well being.

The backside, however, is a different story.

As I was saying, it’s lower than it used to be. How can I put this delicately? The padding I need to sit on is lower than it used to be. (Yes, it’s ok to laugh at this post. I know it sounds funny. I think it’s funny, too.)

Well the lower padding has left my tailbone a bit exposed. It actually sticks out somewhat. Yeah, its as funny looking as you’re imagining. Worse yet, it HURTS.

It hurts when I sit. It hurts when I drive. It REALLY hurts when I sit for a long time. Like half of a movie long – by the middle I’m squirming in my seat.

And I don’t even want to talk about church pews.

So I took this up with my doctor, and she referred me to the plastic surgeon here in town. Before they’d keep the appointment I had to discuss it with my insurance company (Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield). The lady I spoke to there said it sounded like a good case to her.

So I went for the initial consultation. I got info about the surgery (which is WAAAY more intense than I expected and I knew it was big) and got tantalized with the possibilities of how I might look afterwards.

Then I found out that my local doc only works on fronts. No butts. (Sorry, couldn’t resist). So I’ve been referred out to a surgeon at UNC Chapel Hill. (He actually said he could refer me to Duke if I wanted and I said OMG NO WAY – Tarheels or nothing!!)

I just got a packet in the mail from UNC healthcare. I have to fill it out and then they’ll try and determine if I can be covered.

So that’s where it’s at. I’ll let you know what I hear!

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3 Responses to Plastic Surgery – The Process Begins (Hopefully)

  1. Dawn,

    I know exactly how you feel, someitmes I think the fat was more attractive than the sagging skin, fortunately the health benefits are worth it. I haven’t hit where the tops don’t fit the arms, although that was a problem before the weight loss, my arms were always exceptionally large, so the skin is really hideous, but of course I am only a 10-12 at this point but pretty sure if I get smaller it will be a problem.

  2. I am 10 years out started at a size 26 got down to a 4 struggled to get to a healthier 6-8 and due to chronic pain I have not been able to work out as much as I need to and have watched the scale going back up and I am panicked! It is my lower back especially the tail bone and herniated discs in my neck. The real problem I deal with though is the saggy skin, it grosses me out, I can’t look at myself. It is so hard to find tops that fit my small upper body with wide sleeves to cover the water wings. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would love it.

  3. Sorry to be so frank……but I have to ask esp since I have the same tailbone problem……what exactly are they talking about doing to you? Are they working on your tailbone/booty….shaving the bone and plumping the rear…or are they working on the front area too??