Maintaining Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass

Still Lookin GoodWell, I’m closing in on the third anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. And I have to say I am very proud of myself. As of this morning, I weighed 145 pounds. Which is what I weighed six months ago. Which is what I want to continue to weigh until I can have the plastic surgery I want (cutting off the excess skin should be a good 5-10 pound loss I’m thinking).

I was told originally that between the second and third anniversary is when most people tend to gain a bit of weight back. And that thought petrified me. I  have been through entirely too much (including almost dying) to let that happen to me.

So how have I managed to keep the weight off?

First off, I weigh regularly. Just about every day actually. That may not work well for some people but it does for me. I maintain vigilance. I therefore know from day to day how certain foods affect the number on my scale. I also know what the number on the scale looks like on my body. When I do gain a couple pounds I notice before the scale tells me. (This is helpful when I’m say on vacation).

Secondly, I have a range that I am comfortable in. I’m pretty happy with the way I look around 145. For the longest time I bounced between 140 and 145, now I seem to be bouncing between 143 or so and say 148 or so. I actually like this better, at 140 my face begins to look a little gaunt.

However, thirdly I have an absolute maximum. I call it my “emergency weight.” The moment I step on the scale and it says 150 (which has happened recently) an emergency is declared and I go back into weight loss mode. I up the protein, cut out carbs and try to get a little more physical activity in until the scale recovers its sanity and shows me a better number.

You see, I remember from my fat days how exactly I gained weight. I’d go for a while trying to lose, eating healthy and being active. I was vigilant. Then for whatever reason I’d get burned out on the effort and stop paying attention. I’d look the other way and avoid the scale and not think about what I was eating (other than hey, I want that and that and that and some of that, too…)

So for me, maintaining vigilance is the price of long term success.

Now that’s not to say I’m obsessed or obnoxious. It’s not nearly as stressful as it was even in the early days after my surgery when I felt like I was constantly paying attention to what went in my mouth so I could ingest all the vitamins and protein and liquids I was required. No, I’ve gotten that stuff pretty much down (still have to struggle to remember all my vitamins every day). I’ve developed some decent habits that serve me well. But I do keep an eye on things.

So next year (unless I get those plastics I want) I plan to post again and tell you that yes, I’m STILL at 145. And that is a stinking good feeling.

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One Response to Maintaining Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass

  1. laquaila Palmer-Ware

    well i think you doing good i also had the surgery
    and i was 312 pound and how i weight 165 and i feel good about my self all i want to know how i can stay there and i’m trying to get to 160 if i can