Emergency, Day 2

Wow yesterday was tough.

It was Day 1 of my 5 Day Pouch Test. I was crabby and hungry. I ate a LOT of sugar free pudding and cream of chicken soup. I had 2 protein shakes. I think I definitely got my protein quota in for the day. I drank Fuze’s.. not exactly the water that’s called for. I did drink a couple bottles of that too. Fuze is low carb tho.

But I think I’m having carb withdrawals. My head hurts, I’m dizzy. My stomach is seriously upset… I guess part of that is cleansing my system.

And I must confess I faltered briefly.. there are some wheat thin crackers in my cabinet.. the baked flavored kind and they are really good and about 4 in the afternoon when I felt like I was going to pull my hair out I had a few. Just a few.

But I did NOT eat late last night. I really think it’s the eating late that’s been my problem. But there was a time when I could eat a bagel with cream cheese before bed and still stay between 140 and 145. I miss those days.

This morning my not digital scale looked like it said 154. Hard to tell for sure. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Today, more SF pudding and jello, more broth and cream soups. And I really really need to get out and exercise. But right now, as I finish my first protein shake…. Dangit I”M HUNGRY. But I can do this. I’ve come too far to let this slip away from me now. I WILL NOT REGAIN MY WEIGHT. And I will lose the 10 pounds (well 9 now) that have come back.

I can do this. I will do this.

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One Response to Emergency, Day 2

  1. I had a gastric bypass on april 24 2010 i was 136 kilo i lost waight very fast after 5 months lost 7 stone with no exercise. I have a problem eating any hard food it has to be mashed or soups puraid.
    If its soft food i can eat but anything harder i vomit back up after having a drink.
    I was told that after 4 months i would eat small but normal food.
    Everyone says i look brilliant but i don’t feel it i feel as i am ready to colapse so weak also i get very depresed.
    This week i have been told they have to reverse the operation as the food is twisting trying to go into my stomach.
    This as been a big shock as told befor it was not reversable.
    I have had camera down my throat into stomach also tried diffrent medication nothing helped.
    I have been admitted to Hospital twice to go on a drip as passing out as not being able to get enough food.
    If i have two very small new potatoes i have a problem eating or one slice of toast i even have problems drinking a small cup of tea its nearly cold as it takes so long to drink.
    If i had any idea that their was these problems i would never have had the op.
    Now the thought of having even a bigger operation to put things back and the complications is very frightening.
    their is not enough told to us in UK befor the op i think if their was their would be a lot less going for this op.
    I would urge anyone to really research and find out more befor having this op be prepared fully know even if op sucessfull you will never be able to eat things like a small steak or greasy food .Be prepared please