Emergency Day 5: Back To Basics

I feel almost as if I’ve just had my gastric bypass.

Last night I had shrimp and broccoli from my local Chinese restaurant. I ate slowly – mostly just the shrimp. And it wasn’t near as much as I have been able to eat recently.

But my pouch has definitely regained some of it’s post-op tightness. Because just like used to happen, those last couple bites too many came right back up.

So tonight as I ate the grilled chicken out of my salad at the local Mexican restaurant (who has time to cook any more??) I paid better attention and stopped as soon as I got the tight tummy feeling. And again, it was MUCH sooner than it’s been being.

WOW. The 5 Day Pouch Test has worked wonders! And the best news of all?

151 pounds this morning. That’s 4 pounds in 4 days – can’t wait to see what the scale says tomorrow!

Best of all is regaining my sense of control. It was seriously tough, but I feel like I’ve once again broken the hold of food. Very cool.

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2 Responses to Emergency Day 5: Back To Basics

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I too had bypass surgery going on now 5 years. Originally i lost 240 lbs and got down to a real low for me 245 lbs, (im 6ft 5 in tall ). For the most part of the 5 years i hovered between 255 and 270 (depending on if i was working out at he gym). Until recently, well then i had a real emergency, I hurt my back at the gym so i decided to give the gym a rest til i was all healed up. But i didn’t change my eating habits, too many carbs and too many snacks, until irealized all my clothes were getting tight, and i got the courage to get on the scale. Then the panic set it and i saw a whooping 307 !!! Did I just put myself through all this to throw it all away. I had to do something quickly. As i became really embaressed to be any where near my family and friends. What can they be thinking of me, if i’m thinking bad thoughts about myself.
    So i quickly put in a plan to drop as much weight as i could as fast as i could. Cut all carbs, more protein and workouts 5 to 7 times a week.
    Now my “tool” seems to be working again and im not as hungry as before and i get full quickly again. Thank god! Between less calorie intake and the workouts i’m glad to report i have dropped 45 lbs in 7 weeks and im down to 262 lbs. Its amazing how easy it is to fall off the wagon and go right into all the bad habits that got you into trouble to begin with. Now im staying the course and happy again!

  2. Lisa,

    that’s really cool. I would like to congratulate you not only on maintaining your weight but also on losing even more weight!

    Lisa, did you receive the email I sent you today at lisa[@]gastricbypasstruth.com?

    Given my medical science background I closely follow the reaserch on bariatric surgery and would like to write a couple of articles for your site sharing some newsworht information on bariatric surgery.

    Why don’t you shoot me an email (matthew[@]weightlosstriumph.com) and I will write and send you the articles right away!