It Feels So Good

This is really cool.

For the first time in a while, I’ve been really faithful with exercising this week. In fact, I’ve just come back from my morning walk and I’m all nice and sweaty. And it feels really good.

Better yet, my 7-year-old has been coming with me. He’s put on a few pounds lately, but we haven’t really been worried about it as he usually does that right before having a growth spurt. Still, exposing him to the joys of exercise at this young age can only be a good thing.

And he’s doing so well! We walk a track at the local municipal park that’s got it’s share of hills and valleys. All together we walk 2.4 miles at a pretty good clip. Along the way are “fit stations” where you do things like pull ups, stretches and such. He does most of them while I pace so as not to let my heart rate out of that “target range.”

BTW – a friend of mine is a naturopathic doctor. He says you can tell you’re in target heart rate without a monitor or anything just by trying to talk. If it’s difficult, but not impossible, to carry on a conversation, you’re there.

So Little Guy toughs out the whole walk. About 3/4 of the way through, of course, he starts to complain a bit. His feet will hurt a little, or he’ll announce that he’s sweating. I tell him the sweat is a good thing, and that his feet will live.

Today when we get to the car, we have a great discussion about how exercise feels good. Sure, it’s a little hard while you’re doing it, but afterwards you just feel good, don’t you? He wholeheartedly agrees.

So not only am I getting healthy, I’m helping my family to do so as well. Teaching good habits to the next generation.

That feels even better than the exercise itself!

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