The Honeymoon Is Definitely Over

Eating Out Is No Longer FunWell, it was fun while it lasted. But it sure seems that my honeymoon period (the first 6-12 months after gastric bypass when weight is easy to lose and hunger is minimal) is over.

To be honest, it’s been over for a little while. I can’t really put my finger on the exact date, but I know that for a few weeks before my gall bladder operation in mid-June I had been stuck at 190. I really think that the only reason I dropped the next 10 pounds was the fact that I ate nothing but chicken soup for 3 weeks.

Like all good things, when it ends we try and pretend it hasn’t. I’ve still been stepping faithfully on the scale every day, expecting to see movement. I’m surprised when the munchies hit me hard late at night. I keep thinking it’s just an anomoly, that tomorrow I’ll go back to being not hungry.

But it’s time I faced the facts: It’s over. It’s been over. And I need to act accordingly.

The evidence: I posted recently about another plateau biting the dust. Well, those 2 pounds didn’t really disappear – they just hid somewhere for a day or so. They’re back, and holding on with a vengance. So is my appetite. Especially late at night when it can do the most damage.

Some things are still the same. I’m not ravenously hungry. I don’t really have cravings. Just more of a desire to eat. I still get full pretty quickly – Pouchie holds about 8-9 ounces of food and no more.

So now I come to the point in my journey where my tool really is a tool that I have to purposely use. I still have 30 – 40 pounds to lose. And now I’m going to have to really work at it to make that happen.

Here’s my plan:

  1. No more crackers or cheese-its.
  2. No more eating after 8:00 PM
  3. My sort-of-daily walk in the park just isn’t cutting it any more. Starting tomorrow I will make use of my gym membership on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays no matter how inconvenient it is. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will continue to walk but I will step up my pace and add a lap.
  4. I’m switching to decaf coffee

My honeymoon period was an incredible gift. A time when I could stick to my diet without much difficulty, when the effort I was making really paid off. But now, I’m going to have to kick it up a notch if I’m to continue to see results.

This is where the real work happens, where I’ll find out whether or not I’ve successfully changed habits or not. This is where I could royally screw up and blow the advancements I’ve made. For now, at least, maintaining isn’t hard. Hopefully it stays that way. I haven’t been way off the reservation with my habits, so hopefully when I do reach goal I’ll be able to stay there.

But I’m not there yet. I am, however, going to fight to get there.

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