After Gastric Bypass: Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

I recently saw this report on about a woman who’d lost 185 pounds through Gastric Bypass. The problem? Now she has hanging skin.

It’s something to consider. As I work my way down the scale, it’s certainly starting to bother me. Sure, I look great with clothes ON, but come bath time… all I can say is YUCK.

How are you dealing with it? Or, how do you plan to? My insurance company told me up front that they would not pay for plastics after my gastric bypass. And with costs in the thousands, well… Let’s just say I’m looking around for another idea. I’ll let you know if I find one.

Till then, check this story out:


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One Response to After Gastric Bypass: Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

  1. CarolinaDreamz

    Hi Lisa,

    Most of my post-op friends have had plastic surgery in conjunction with other surgeries that their insurance DID cover.

    Most of them were hernia related.

    Basically, they paid the difference of what the additional surgeon’s fee would cost, while their insurance had already covered the hospital, anesthesia, pharmaceuticals, etc.

    I have also, heard, from them, though, that tummy tuck hurts amazingly more than gastric bypass did.

    I’ve read the good, the bad, and the ugly in relation to plastic surgery and I’m keeping it as a thought that I probably will never pursue, at this point.

    I was recently horrified, on youtube, of a wls vlogger’s scars post upper body lift, augmentation, and upper arms.. I don’t think I can do that.

    I can’t seem to get ahead of the hospital/surgery game, enough, to warrant a elective surgery, at this point. I’m tired of hospitals and surgeries.