Living With Gastric Bypass: Eating Out And Dumping

Eating Out Is No Longer FunWe went out to eat yesterday. First, it’s a monumental accomplishment nowadays to find somewhere I can go and things I can eat without getting sick. That’s due more (I think) to the gall bladder issues than the gastric bypass.

But you wouldn’t believe the headache I get when my husband turns to me and says, “Where do you want to go?” My mind goes blank. It feels like incredible pressure. Because even if I am feeling hungry, I hardly ever really crave anything. And I know that within a few bites I’ll feel full and most of what I ordered will be wasted.

We decided on a local Mexican restaurant that we go to all the time. I got a shrimp quesadilla – usually I open it up and eat the shrimp and cheese, leaving the tortilla. Almost pure protein, and shrimp are low fat. All in all, I thought this was a safe choice.


My quesadilla was different this time. Very greasy – my husband said it looked like the shrimp had been fried with an egg. (I didn’t really get that comparison, maybe you will.)

But it tasted good! I’d eaten all the shrimp – slowly, chewing chewing chewing like a good girl – when it hit me.

I started sweating. I was nauseas. I could feel my pulse in my temples. Not cool.

My husband looked at me and said, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m dumping!” I whined, and recited my miserable symptoms, hoping for some sympathy.

“I told you those shrimp had been fried with an egg!” he said instead (and I still didn’t get the metaphor). “Too much grease!”

We had driven there separately, so I went ahead and left, and DH stayed to take care of the bill.

At home, the immediate dumping effects started to wear off. But the next effect is tiredness – it was all I could do to keep from going to sleep. I had stuff to do!

I try very hard to avoid foods that will make me dump. High carb meals, high fat — and especially sugar. Too much sugar and I feel pregnant again (extremely nauseas and miserable) almost instantly.

Like the time this past Christmas when my sweet husband (he was being so nice) made me a cup of coffee at a friend’s party, but grabbed the fat free creamer instead of the sugar free one. I spent a good hour of the party sitting on the back porch clutching my stomach, sweating and hoping not to puke in front of everyone we know.

But sometimes dump-inducing foods sneak up on me. Like the shrimp. Things that are supposed to work suddenly turn on me.

Well, nobody said life after gastric bypass wasn’t interesting.

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