Study Finds Diabetics, Those With Larger Pouches Lose Less Weight After Gastric Bypass

Well, I thought this was very interesting.

According to a study published this week in the Archives of Surgery, it seems that diabetics may lose less weight after having GBP.

Part of what’s so interesting about this is the fact that other studies have shown gastric bypass surgery to be an effective treatment for diabetes.

In this study, however, 310 people were checked 12 months after having surgery. The average weight loss was 60% of their excess. But 38 of those patients had lost less than 40% of their excess weight, at least one losing as little as 8%.

When they researchers tried to figure out what the people with poor results had in common, they found two things: diabetes and a larger pouch.

It seems that some of the medications diabetics must take could be interfering with weight loss. And, of course, it’s real easy to see how a larger pouch size would make it harder to lose weight.

Just more evidence that this surgery is a tool, and not a guarantee. If you haven’t had it, but are considering it, this is one more fact to throw into the mix. If you’re diabetic, it could cure you, it could help you lose more weight than insulin, or it could not do much for you at all.

And everyone should discuss potential pouch size with their Doc. Seems that there’s no set standard – the authors of the study say that “most surgeons estimate the pouch size solely on anatomical landmarks” and suggest that there should be some standard established. Maybe like some kind of balloon the surgeon can refer to.

If you’re going to have this surgery, you need to learn NOW to be assertive with your doctor. Ask him/her how pouch size is determined, and insist on some standard. Don’t go through all this upheaval and turmoil for nothing.

Getting results from this surgery depends on you and your actions in so many ways. Be sure you’re up to it before making the leap!

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