Pre- Gastric Bypass Surgery Checklist

Things To Do/ Gather/ Prepare Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Getting your “ducks in a row” before going to the hospital can make your return home that much smoother.

Here’s a checklist of the things you’ll want to have in order before you go:

  • Take your before pictures and measurements. In the months to come you’re going to have a hard time guaging your progress. For example, my family had pictures made for a church directory about 3 months after my surgery. I was in tears when I saw the photo and couldn’t see any difference. But when I compared that photo to my “before” pic, I could really see it and felt much better.Also, the measurements are for those times that the scale stops moving. And it will. But often during those times you continue to lose inches. Knowing this can save a whole lot of sanity.
  • Get the house really really clean. Cuz you’re not going to be able to work on it when you get back, so the cleaner you start the longer it will take to get to “disaster” stage. Get all the laundry done in advance because you won’t be lifting for at least a couple of weeks.
  • Get help lined up. You really won’t want to be alone the first several days after surgery. And if you have children, you absolutely MUST have someone else to watch them. The first week you’ll be sleeping a lot, interrupted only by bouts of walking slowly around the couch and constantly sipping water. Your hormones will be haywire and you’ll be very emotional. You will be in no condition to supervise children. See the page on Hell Week, and plan accordingly.
  • Stock up on post-op supplies. Get samples of protein powders and drinks, as your tastes will change post-op and what you like now may go to waste. Have lots of sugar-free popsicles, broth or bouillion cubes, pureed soups with no chunks, Crystal Light or other sugar-free drink mixes, etc. You’ll also want a blender to mix protein drinks.
  • Pack your hospital bag. You’ll want to take things like chapstick and slippers, but don’t bother with pretty nightgowns or robes. Women (especially if you’re “well endowed”) may want to bring a bra that closes in the front and is easy to get on. Just ask for an extra gown to drape over your back so no one sees your backside while you’re walking. Do bring: walkman/ iPod, loose clothing to wear home, and maybe your own pillow. Don’t bother to bring: books, work, etc. You really won’t have time to read.
  • Start a journal.  It will help with the brain surgery you have to perform on your self after the doc finishes with your insides. It will help you put the wild range of emotions you’re going to feel in perspective. And recording your journey will help you see later just how far you’ve come.
  • Record some goals, both short and long term. Make them something besides “I want to lose a pound a day for the next 5 months” as that may not be realistic. But do decide where you’d like to be at the end of this journey. What weight, what level of activity, what type of life. Be sure these goals are realistic and are things that weight loss will actually impact. For example, losing weight may make you more confident, but it won’t by itself make you stop whining and complaining about life. If you have goals that weight loss alone won’t achieve, now is the time to also plan how you’ll attack them. What will you do to make them happen in your life? You’re going to be focused on improving yourself for the next year anyway, why not go all out?
  • Savor your last moments of sanity. OK, that may be a bit strong, but the point is you’re about to embark on a very wild ride. Life as you know it is about to change. This is the time for the deep breath before the plunge.

There is no such thing as being over-prepared. It’s much better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it.

Let us know as your surgery date approaches and we’ll all be sure to say a prayer for your speedy recovery!

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28 Responses to Pre- Gastric Bypass Surgery Checklist

  1. My surgery date is April 20th 2011. I am so excited. This sire is awesome.

  2. Surgery date 3/10/11
    Not much time for the 2 week liquid diet. I will be starting tomorrow which will be only a 5 day liquid diet due to a cancellation. So happy to be moving forward.

  3. surgery date: 3/14/11 this site is amazing and i’ve shared with many :)

    thank you:)

  4. Shayla, I’ve been using the Unjury protein powder mix. It’s only available online and my dietician recommends following their meal plan. Which I have done. Just remember, the liquid diet is only for a short time, look at only doing it 1 day at a time.

  5. I will be starting my 2-week liquid diet soon, Mike or anyone else do you have any suggestions on what helps and what works best and what things to avoid doing?

  6. Well acc, this is my 11th day on the liquid diet and I have lost that bounce in my step. My mood isn’t so much changed but the queasiness in my stomach from the protein and sweetness is getting old. I’m really wishing I could have a Subway sandwich! But this too shall pass and I know I can do this for 24 hours at time. My prayers are with you.

  7. Mike: I’ll be starting two weeks of pre-op liquid diet pretty soon. I think, for me, this will be very difficult. How do you function on liquids for two weeks?! You say you’re finding yourself walking with a bounce?! I get grumpy just missing a meal. Don’t know how I’ll get thru those two weeks – any suggestions? My RNY is 3/10/11. Thanks all for sharing your experiences and congratulations/good luck to all.

  8. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I am scheduled for RNY on 2/21/11. Started the liquid diet and am finding myself walking with a bounce in my step – feeling lighter. Looking forward to getting rid of carrying all this weight around. Ciao

  9. I enjoyed exploring this web site and reading everyone’s blog. I’m having my surgery on March 3rd and I’m very nervous somehing I noticed that have in common with everyone here. My only wish is that there were follow up stories post surgery.

  10. I started a blog to record my journey. I can’t believe surgery is only 5 days away!!!


  12. Oh, and I am having my husband read your site too so he knows what to expect from me. Thanks again!

  13. Hi Lisa:
    My surgery date is 2/3/11. I am scared and excited! Your blog is very helpful-thx! I want to ask your opinion about going back to work. I own and operate a preschool. I work 2-3 full days and 2 half days a week (approx 25-30hours/week). I have arranged for a replacement for two weeks after surgery. Do you think this is going to be enough time or should I ask the sub to be available longer?

  14. Hello Lisa,
    I just want to start by saying Thank You for making this website, it has really helped me think about the outcome of Gastric bypass a little better, I am having the WLS very,very soon and needed this!
    Could you help me out by sending me a grocery list post-op the first month??
    You are awesome and look awesome!

  15. I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting this website together, Lisa. I’m two days from having surgery, and even after all my research and all my preparation, I feel I’m more informed and better equipped to handle what’s coming now that I’ve read (and reread!) almost everything on this site. Thanks so much!

  16. OK Ladies on this blog who recently had surgery, how are you feeling? Did the anxiety match reality regarding recovery? I am about 3 months from having RNY and looking forward to the journey.

  17. i’m getting my surgery jan 20,2011 and both or my parents are getting it done in 3days jan 13,2011 i’m now starting to realize this is a major change im making!!!!!i’m starting to get scared…. hope i’m strong enough to do this… but in all im ready to live a healthier life an start a new life

  18. Gail,

    Yes, it’s a pretty intense surgery. As you’ve probably seen there are some who feel pretty good in the days following but mostly for the first week or two you’re pretty out of it.

    In the hospital you do NOT want to try and work. They have you there for a reason: you are recovering from MAJOR surgery. And it is MAJOR. Yes, you will be drugged and yes they do make you get up and walk as much and as soon as possible. In my drugged state that really pissed me off but I knew it was coming. In fact, I had to walk from the door to my bed when I got back to the room from surgery. The more you walk to better your recovery tho.

    Since you work at home, and on comp and phone you could probably go back sooner than if you had some kind of physical job.. I’d say you’ll still need at least a week tho.

    Your family will not be the last who disagree with your decision. But it’s your life, not theirs. Your body to live in. Tell them you believe this is right for you and if they love you they need to be supportive. But it is scary for them too also because they love you. So try to be understanding too.

    Best of luck and yes let us know how it all goes!

  19. I am 9 days away from my surgery…reading this blog I am thinking…hell!! what am I getting into …no really, no joke. I have read and researched and know that this is what I need to do. I am just not sure that my hart is where my head is…even if it means that i will get thin. I am located in Israel and I see that besides insurance (ours is automatically covered if you are over 41 BMI) the Dr.’s are following the same tests before and are giving the same follow up treatment after. That is reassuring, besides that I am freaking out… but showing a cool front so the family does not also freak out. They all think I am crazy to even think about doing it. My dad is a Dr and my Mom is a Nurse and the motto is ..if it is not broken then do not fix it, I should try something else that is not invasive. Get rid of the fat but leave the organs alone. To top that off my Son who is 21 yrs old just lost 47 kg (x2 approx for pounds+/_ so 94 pounds?) in 18 months by just cutting down on food and eating healthy and doing exercise (oh to be young and disciplined) he can not understand why I do not do the same…hubby is just worried that he will have to take over an active house and 4 kids and is scared that he will be left with all the mess if something happens to me. So not much support anywhere close to home I am just trying to stay strong in my decision (that took 2 yrs to make) I am trying not to think much about what is to come, as it comes closer I am just holding on tight and going for the ride..I have a question for you Lisa said “not to take any books to the hospital because you will be to busy”..can you please tell me why i will be so busy and with what? Was it a nice way to say that it is to painful to read and that after the surgery we will be to drugged up to do anything? I heard that after the surgery they will want us out of bed and walking around asap that true?
    I also see that no one is responding to there msg’s left before the surgary ..I promise I will and have bookmarked your page. Tell me if I am crazy but I plain to take a Laptop with me so I can work …I am dreaming right?
    How soon realistically could I go back to work..I run a home based business (on the computer and phone)
    Well hope to hear from you all, Good luck and speedy recovery to all

  20. Lots of company, I’m having my surgery in Jan 2011, exact date unknown. I’ve finished all the evaluations. I had a “pshy” eval and she told me to come back at about a year or so. I see one person had their surgery yesterday and one today, go for it!!

  21. I am a mixture of excitement and anxiety as my scheduled date is December 28th. I really appreciate all the information here. It is very helpful and informative. Good luck to all!

  22. My date is the 15th. I am at the “take a deep breath stage” . Patty Ann I would love to hear how you are doing so far…..

  23. I am so excited my surgury date is Dec 9th which is next thursday, this is a new begining for me!!! thank you for this web site it helps alot…to everyone else good luck and see u all on the skinnier and health side of life!!!!

  24. Im having this surgery too. Im really anxious. And need comforting. This websites helps me a lot though. I just hope people can talk to me and comfort me more.

  25. Im getting ready to have surgery on December 16th and although im scared im so excited to get the ball rolling!! Your website helped me prepare for the things to come!

  26. my surgery has not been scheduled as of yet but I think it will be in Jan., 2011. I am very excited and ready to start this new life… you realy think it is totally neccessary to have someone stay with me the first week?

  27. I too am having gastric bypass in January and also feel that this website has some very useful information. Thanks.

  28. Hi! i’m thinking of getting a gastric bypass in January but i have to say i’m kind of scared. But your website has been a really big help!!!

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