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Weight Loss Surgery and Suicide

Did you know that there is a higher suicide rate about 2-3 years after weight loss surgery? I saw a news story on it recently and really liked what it had to say.

Unfortunately, too many people think that bariatric surgery is going to solve all their problems. If I were only skinny, we think, my entire life would be different. Continue reading

Bariatric Surgery Resolves Sexual Dysfunction In Women With Morbid Obesity

Well now this is a cool story.

First off, I can’t imagine anyone is surprised that morbidly obese women are more likely to be sexually dysfunctional. OR that losing weight would help, OR that such drastic weight loss would bring on “psychological changes.” DUH.

Still, we know how these science types get excited when they can prove the obvious. So here’s the story: Continue reading

Why I’m Against Obama-Care

OK, this will be a complete departure from the norm for this blog. It will be a bit controversial. But hey, isn’t the point of having a blog being able to say what you think?

I came accross this article today in the Boston Globe about the health care debate: Official Says Mass-type Care Could ‘Wipe Out’ Economy

Basically, it’s going to cost a mint to cover everyone. Taxes will have to go up. Massachusetts has only been able to make it work because they’ve gotten lots of federal subsidies. Who is going to subsidize the federal government?

Me and you, that’s who. And I can’t afford it.

But of course this is a gastric bypass blog, and so this post must have something to do with weight loss surgery. And it does. Check out this paragraph from the story: Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Pros and Cons

wls-pros-and-consI found the following story by a local TV station in Tulsa, OK. I thought it was more balanced than most, so I wanted to share it here.

They mention the incredible benefits of weight loss surgery, and then spend a good bit of the segment with a man who’s had some significant problems as a result.

The man’s name is Micah, and he admits that the problems he has are partially his fault. He forgets to eat, and I am guessing he’s not been super faithful with his vitamins. He’s had spells where he feels drunk and has even passed out a few times. Continue reading

Weight Loss Surgery May Lead To Better Sex… Or Not

romance1Well here’s another great gastric bypass surgery benefit: Better sex.

Maybe. If you’re a man with ED anyway. If you’re a woman, well, it’s all in your head. Isnt’ that typical?

Here’s what the article, “Hospital Says Weight Loss Surgery May Lead To Better Sex” has to say: Continue reading

Awesome New WLS Resource

Here is another post I wrote at the end of January but couldn’t publish due to computer problems:

wlschannelMany thanks to Yvonne at Bariatric Girl for turning me on to this incredible resource – and for mentioning little ole me in the process!

It’s a website called the Weight Loss Surgery Channel. And it is PACKED with information, videos, inspiration – everything you need to know about WLS. Continue reading

Bariatric Surgery Success Increases With Physical Activity

Exercise Improves Bariatric Surgery SuccessSometimes I am amazed at the things that are reported as “news,” even though they should be common sense. Nonetheless, it seems scientists have proven that bariatric surgery success improves with exercise.

Researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine say, “Previously inactive patients who became physically active after bariatric surgery lost more weight and achieved greater improvements in quality of life than those patients who remained inactive.” Continue reading

Bariatric Surgery And Pregnancy: A Good Combination?

There’s been a flurry of articles this week regarding pregnancy after bariatric surgery. Researchers looked at both gastric bypass and Lap Band® patients to see if their pregnancies were negatively affected.

It’s only been a few days since research hit that showed getting pregnant after gastric bypass to be easier. This research goes one step further to see how the prior bariatric surgery impacts the pregnancy.

And the findings are good! Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Help Women Conceive

I liked this story, and with all the less-than-pleasant posts of late, thought it was a great time to bring some balance with some positive news.

But it turns out that one of the many benefits of gastric bypass surgery, in addition to weight loss, is that women who’ve been infertile often find themselves joyfully and surprisingly pregnant.

And I’ve seen the truth of this one in my own life. A good friend of mine — in fact, the very person who’s succes with gastric bypass surgery inspired me to go for it myself — had been unable to conceive for over a decade. We married within a couple of months of each other in 1994, yet in early 2007 when I was beginning my approval process she had just discovered she was finally pregnant for the very first time. Today, she’s the proud Mama of an incredibly beautiful baby girl. Continue reading

How Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients Can Lose 35% More Weight

You have gastric bypass surgery, for the most part, because you want to lose a whole lot of weight. Sure, there are benefits beyond weight loss. But let’s face it: the number one reason for rearranging your insides is to dump as much fat as possible.

So pretty much everyone who’s gone under the knife should be interested in this recent survey by Harris Interactive. It was conducted on behalf of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. And it found one simple thing you can do that will not only result in losing an average of 35% more weight, it’ll secure you “a better quality of life.”

Again, it’s a simple thing to do. Almost common sense. Yet I constantly see people – both in my everyday life and online in various weight loss surgery chatrooms – who just simply refuse to do it. Then they whine and complain because they’re not losing weight as fast as others they see.

What is this simple, common-sense thing you can do that will bring such great rewards? Continue reading