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Study: Gastric Bypass Surgery May Make You Smarter

Well, here’s a gastric bypass surgery benefit for ya:

According to a report on, gastric bypass surgery may actually make you smarter.

The article (Gastric Bypass Surgery May Make You Smarter) claims that gastric bypass surgery improved a patient’s ability to remember, to think through problems, and pay attention to details. Continue reading

Study: Gastric Bypass Cuts Heart Risks

More gastric bypass surgery benefits. The following article appeared at this link: Gastric Bypass Cuts Heart Risks

Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:16pm BST

By Anthony J. Brown, MD

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – The risk faced by obese people of having a heart attack or other cardiovascular “events” is reduced substantially after they undergo gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, according to a recent study.

The take-home message is that “bariatric surgery can be considered as a means to reduce cardiovascular risk (in obese patients) after conservative treatment options have failed,” Dr. John A. Batsis told Reuters Health. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Surgery Boosts Libido – Now THAT’S A Benefit!

Interesting tidbit today. (Warning: This post could be a bit more risque than normal. You’ve been advised. Proceed accordingly.)

According to a Reuters item (Weight Loss Surgery Boosts Testosterone Levels) Men who have gastric bypass surgery can increase libido and actually cure erectile dysfunction. Talk about your gastric bypass surgery benefits!

Well, that’s cool. Continue reading

Study Finds Bone Loss Goes With Weight Loss

A new study came out today that underscores the essential need to TAKE YOUR VITAMINS – especially your calcium.

As you lose weight, this study finds, you lose bone mass. This is one of the gastric bypass surgery complications you don’t want to mess with. Continue reading

How Young Is Too Young For Weight Loss Surgery?

I’ve mentioned this topic before (Weight Loss Surgery For Teens?). But a new article came out yesterday (The Battle Over Childhood Obesity: Weighing The Risks), and it really made me mad. I was a little undecided before, when you’re talking about 16 or 17 year-old kids. But this article talks about children as young as 13 having weight loss surgery.

First off, I can totally relate to the pain of being “the fat kid.” I remember being picked on, humiliated and ignored by boys. I know what it does to your self esteem, and how hard it can be to lose the weight.

I’m also a parent who’s struggled to help a child battle extra weight. It’s hard, and it can be expensive to buy healthier foods in place of the junk that kids would much rather eat. It takes constant vigilance, and a willingness to be “the bad guy” when your kid really wants that extra helping.

But even though I understand the difficulties, I just cannot imagine allowing my 13 year old son to undergo weight loss surgery. Too many things can go wrong, and besides – being 13 is tough enough without the extra mental roller coaster that weight loss surgery brings on.

Yet there are apparently a growing number of parents perfectly willing to shove their children under the knife rather than act like parents and help them lose weight on their own. Continue reading

The Bypass Effect On Diabetes And Cancer

This story isn’t new. In April of 2008, 60 Minutes did a segment on Gastric Bypass and the benefits beyond weight loss. I ran across it today as I was looking at something else, and thought it would be a good counter-balance to the general negativity I’ve been flinging towards the media this week.


Study Finds Gastric Bypass More Effective Than Lap Band For Weight Loss

I’m often asked how I made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery as opposed to the Lap Band.

For me, the fact that the Lap Band is so easily reversible and adjustible was a negative. I know me all to well, and if there was a way out during the difficult times I’d take it. I wanted, needed, something permanent.

Not everyone feels that way. One of the plans I have for this site is a comprehensive section detailing the pros and cons of both procedures to help people make that decision. When I do, the following information will certainly be a part of it: Continue reading

Study Finds Diabetics, Those With Larger Pouches Lose Less Weight After Gastric Bypass

Well, I thought this was very interesting.

According to a study published this week in the Archives of Surgery, it seems that diabetics may lose less weight after having GBP.

Part of what’s so interesting about this is the fact that other studies have shown gastric bypass surgery to be an effective treatment for diabetes.

In this study, however, 310 people were checked 12 months after having surgery. The average weight loss was 60% of their excess. But 38 of those patients had lost less than 40% of their excess weight, at least one losing as little as 8%.

When they researchers tried to figure out what the people with poor results had in common, they found two things: diabetes and a larger pouch. Continue reading

More Media Shockers: NYT Says “Weight Loss Surgery Requires Discipline”

Wow. Just Wow.

I’ve never been a big fan of the mainstream media. After all, I can’t forget Time actually running a cover story that boys and girls are different. (They discovered this amazing fact on Jan 20, 1992).

It’s in that same spirit of breathtaking discovery that the New York Times yesterday announced that being successful at weight loss surgery actually requires some effort.

I know, I know – most of you are in shock right now. You mean to tell us that in addition to undergoing major surgery, having our insides re-routed and shrinking our stomach to the size of an egg, we actually have to (gasp) watch what we eat and (violent shudders) actually exercise?! No Way!!

Sadly, ’tis true.

Well, apparently, there are actually people out there who think like that – and I’m not just talking about the “you took the easy way out” crowd we all love to hate. Check out this quote from the article: Continue reading

Study: Insurers Recoup Obesity Surgery Cost In 2-4 Years

benefits of gastric bypassI found the following article on Insurance companies and Gastric Bypass surgery from Reuters. Seems to me that if more insurance companies realized this, it wouldn’t be so hard for some of us to get our surgery covered.

When you consider this, along with the list of gastric bypass surgery benefits (as in this photo), it seems it’d be a no-brainer for insurance companies.

Unfortunately, as many of you who’ve had to battle them know, no-brainer applies to insurance companies in a whole different way.

But you can fight them – and you can win. Continue reading