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Taking your vitamins every day is essential. The consequences if you don’t are dire!

What Can Happen If You Don’t Take Your Vitamins After Weight Loss Surgery

Take Your Vitamins After Gastric Bypass SurgeryStories like this just infuriate me.

In this week’s The Lancet, there’s a story of a British woman who underwent Gastric Bypass surgery, and returned to the hospital two short months later with some very frightening gastric bypass complications. Continue reading

Study Finds Bone Loss Goes With Weight Loss

A new study came out today that underscores the essential need to TAKE YOUR VITAMINS – especially your calcium.

As you lose weight, this study finds, you lose bone mass. This is one of the gastric bypass surgery complications you don’t want to mess with. Continue reading

Take Charge Of Your Own Healthcare – Your Life May Depend On It

Now I’m really starting to get ticked off.

In this post, I mentioned that I’d been to my one-year follow up appointment with my gastric bypass surgeon, and that he’d briefly read off my vitamin level results and pronounced everything fine.

Well, I started thinking that I’d like to have those test results so perhaps I could write a post about them, or maybe do a page on what all is tested and how to read the results. So I asked to have my results sent to me, and they arrived today.

And everything is NOT fine.

Continue reading

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Weight Loss Surgery Patients Make

Thanks again to Suzanne at the Thinner Times Forum. She posted this article from the National Association For Weight Loss Surgery. I love their tagline: “Because Weight Loss Surgery Isn’t Magic.”

How true! (Try telling it to the “easy way out” folks, tho!)

I’m guilty of #’s 6, 7 and 8. How about YOU?

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Weight Loss Surgery Patients Make
National Association For Weight Loss Surgery

While weight loss surgery (WLS) is considered the most successful treatment for morbid obesity, it is just the first step toward a fresh start. Weight regain is a common phenomenon, as is illness when weight loss surgery patients do not follow recommended guidelines. Continue reading

Study: Nutritional Deficiencies After Gastric Bypass Cannot Be Prevented By Standard Multivitamin

A study published in the May, 2008 American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition finds that regular multivitamins are NOT enough to prevent serious vitamin deficiencies after gastric bypass surgery.

Many doctors – including my own – prescribe nothing more than Flintstones vitamins plus a calcium supplement after surgery. Yet this study clearly shows that this recommendation is simply not enough to prevent gastric bypass surgery complications, much less attain optimum health.

According to this article, the study followed 137 patients for two years following RN-Y gastric bypass surgery. All were prescribed a standard multivitamin, and evaluated for deficiencies at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months following surgery. Continue reading

After Gastric Bypass: The Serious Risk Of Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamins Are Essential After Gastric BypassThis is something that anyone considering weight loss surgery MUST seriously consider. It is perhaps the most sobering of all risks, because this gastric bypass surgery complication can sneak up on you without much warning. And the consequences are dire.

The “bypass” part of gastric bypass involves bypassing the first section of the large intestine. This is where a good bit of your nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream.

So you have to be very diligent about taking supplements FOREVER in order to prevent serious deficiencies. Life-altering deficiencies. Life-ENDING deficiencies. Continue reading