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A State Of Emergency

It hasn’t been that long ago I posted all proud of myself for maintaining my weight loss, staying at 145 pounds 3 years after my gastric bypass surgery.

Well — be careful what you brag about, right? Of course I didnt’ mean it as a brag, my hope is always that whatever I say here will help someone else on this crazy path.

Nonetheless, after that post life intervened. Lot of work, lot of busyness. And not so great eating habits. I reached “emergency weight” for the first time, and things worked as they should. I went into gear and got back to 145 over the course of a week or so. But life hasn’t slowed down.

I hit 150 again maybe 2-3 weeks ago now. I meant to declare the emergency. But I’ve been really busy and focused on other stuff. So I put it on my to-do list. I bounced between 150 and 152 till today.

Today my scale said 155. NOW it’s an emergency. I ain’t playing any more. Continue reading

House Tackles Gastric Bypass – Is It “Cheating?”

This is going to be a long post, so go grab some coffee and settle in. It’s all about how the world is biased against people who’ve had gastric bypass surgery. Yeah, we get to be thin(er). But people think we “cheated” to get there. It was “too easy.” As if!!

It’s all because I watched House last night. (December 2nd). His patient was a DVD fitness queen, hawking her healthy tips via infomercial. In the beginning of the show, she’s running with a really fat guy up a set of bleachers. Only the fat guy makes it, and Ms. Fitness passes out.

I’ll be honest. I watch House mostly for the characters, and don’t really pay a lot of attention to the medical stuff. It usually flies right over my head. I’m really just killing time until The Mentalist comes on anyway. (OMG Simon Baker is HOT! He may be replacing my Keifer Sutherland Crush.)

But last night’s House was different, and my interest was piqued during the MRI (or some related test), when it was discovered Ms. Fitness had had (gasp!) a gastric bypass! Dun dun dun…. Continue reading

Pros And Cons Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

A study in the November, 2008 British Journal of Surgery highlights the pros and cons of gastric bypass surgery.

The intention of the study was to compare two different methods of performing a gastric bypass. And while the difference is pretty technical, it boils down to doctors trying to decide how much of the intestine to bypass.

Overall, 50 patients were studied over a 4 year period. The doctors ultimately decided that bypassing more of the intestine didn’t really make patients lose more weight, but did make surgery take longer and increase the rate of complications.

In general, here are the findings for both groups: Continue reading