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Well, that was the point of having surgery. How is it working out?

More Media Shockers: NYT Says “Weight Loss Surgery Requires Discipline”

Wow. Just Wow.

I’ve never been a big fan of the mainstream media. After all, I can’t forget Time actually running a cover story that boys and girls are different. (They discovered this amazing fact on Jan 20, 1992).

It’s in that same spirit of breathtaking discovery that the New York Times yesterday announced that being successful at weight loss surgery actually requires some effort.

I know, I know – most of you are in shock right now. You mean to tell us that in addition to undergoing major surgery, having our insides re-routed and shrinking our stomach to the size of an egg, we actually have to (gasp) watch what we eat and (violent shudders) actually exercise?! No Way!!

Sadly, ’tis true.

Well, apparently, there are actually people out there who think like that – and I’m not just talking about the “you took the easy way out” crowd we all love to hate. Check out this quote from the article: Continue reading

Study: All US Adults Could Be Overweight In 40 Years

Wow. I just ran across this news article. Apparently, if the trends continue as they’re going in the US, we could ALL be overweight 40 years from now.

Which could mean that weight loss surgery will be a booming business! Now I am not one of those who think that WLS is the solution for everyone. I know I was not able to lose weight and keep it off without surgical assistance. But not everyone is cut out for the post-surgery lifestyle.

So what is the answer? Continue reading

Finally! The Scale Is Moving!

I hesitated to write this post. Because last time I thought I had finally moved off my plateau the 2 pounds I lost came roaring right back.

But after several days of below-180land, I can officially declare an end to my days on this plateau. Yaay!

This morning I am all the way down to 176 or 177 – my scale isn’t digital and my eyes are a bit blurry in the morning.

I had an appointment last week with my surgeon, and while there I talked about the plateau with the nurse, who has also had gastric bypass surgery. She said that she spent 3 whole months at 150, so figured she was done and this was where her body meant for her to stay. Continue reading

Another Plateau Bites The Dust!

Yaay! For the first time in about a month, my scale moved today!

I’ve been stuck at 180 since right after the gallbladder surgery, but today my scale read a sweet 178. I’m now firmly within the range of what I weighed in high school, which is way cool.

(Back then I ranged from 165 – 185 and thought I was massively overweight. Of course, immediately after graduation my PCOS kicked in and I soon discovered what massively overweight really was. For years I’ve looked longingly at photos of myself from those days, wishing I’d known then what I know now.)

So how did I bust this plateau? Continue reading

Why Does Weight Loss Seem So Slow?

This morning at church I was talking to a friend of mine who’s also had gastric bypass surgery. Hers was in January of this year (5 months ago), and she’s lost 55 pounds. That’s an average of 10 pounds a month, which is pretty much the same rate I had.

Yet both of us said we felt like we were constantly on a plateau.

What is it about this surgery that makes weight loss like this feel like a snails pace? Continue reading

So, How Much Weight Have You Lost?

It seems slow, but weight loss adds up fastI have to tell you, that is the most annoying question people ask me.

But get used to it: if you have (or have had) a gastric bypass or any other weight loss surgery, there are those who will think that your weight is now public information. Continue reading