Life After Gastric Bypass

What’s it really like?

These pages are one woman’s experience with the giant that is Gastric Bypass surgery, combined with what I’ve learned from others as well. They are not meant in any shape or form to be medical advice.

Now that the lawyers are happy, dive in and discover whether you think you could handle this life change, if the negatives are worth the positives, and (if you’ve already Done The Deed) whether or not you’re normal (I’m sure you are.)

Please leave masses of comments and let your story -good or bad – help the rest of the world as well.

Surviving Hell Week – The First Days After Gastric Bypass

The Aftermath: My Three Week Diary Following Weight Loss Surgery

One Month After Gastric Bypass: Buyers Remorse

The First Six Months: Your Honeymoon Period

One Year After Gastric Bypass And Beyond: Settling In To Your New Life

Gastric Bypass Hair Loss: Tips For Losing Less And Regrowing More Faster

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3 Responses to Life After Gastric Bypass

  1. @ Andrea I had my Rny in “07″ I satrted having all the symptoms of “Dumping Syndrome” I talked to my Doctors and they said it was my eating habits..I am a nursing student and we were discussing symptoms of Diebities Sum of these symptoms sounded familiar but knowing it dosent run in family and the fact that I wasnt Diabetic before my surgery detoured me a different way..”HYPOGLYCEMIA” I had every symptom listed. As I further investigated it was mind boggeling that my Doctors missed this..I went to see my primary doc. and told them my issues and was immediatly tested for this..and hey guess who’s hypoglycemic..

  2. Does anyone have any info about Dumping Syndrome? All of a sudden I have gotten very sesitive and 2 years after my By-pass I’m having dumping…any info would be sooo greatly appreciated..thanks…Andrea

  3. three years on after roux en y in liverpool,UK
    i have DAILY severe nausea, vomiting, cramp IBS returned with vengence hot sweats whilst eating or just after unAble to eat solid foods consantly hungry
    and STILL no post op support in lancashire no bariatric team to talk to..
    MY budget purse string holding Patient Care Trust = the PCT-… are refusing help THEY think i just need a damn dietician and refused that funding too, its not in my mind im not doing it to myself the weight loss has stopped just like that
    i starved for a week on decaff and cuppa soup and nothing just static
    i have a cancer which is difficult to get at and im being told my almost 8 stone/114lbs loss is not enough i need to loose more NOW
    any one else have post op complications ANYONE got any answers

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