Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass: Tips For Losing Less And Regrowing More Faster

One of the biggest concerns many people have – especially ladies – about having gastric bypass surgery is hair loss.


It can be very traumatic to see clumps of hair in the shower drain, or to run your fingers through your hair and come out with a handful. Especially since for many of us, our hair was one of the few things we really liked about ourselves before surgery.


We wonder: How much hair will I lose? Will I go bald or have bald spots? And how quickly will it grow back?


Most importantly: What can I do to minimize hair loss and maximize regrowth?


Why We Lose Hair After Weight Loss Surgery


First of all, everyone loses hair every day as part of the natural cycle of hair growth.


But after weight loss surgery, our bodies are forced to live on drastically lower amounts of calories. To compensate for the reduction, all the remaining nutrients are channeled to the organs that need them most. And our hair isn’t one of them.


So suddenly, our hair must do without the nutrients it needs to grow. And it also has to compensate for that loss. It sends more strands into “resting” phases and temporarily suspends production of new strands.


Not to mention the fact that hormones go haywire after surgery and while all that fat is being metabolized. That just doesn’t help matters.


The upshot: hair starts falling out.


How To Minimize Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery


Since the biggest reason we lose hair after surgery seems to be a lack of nutrients getting to our hair follicles, then it makes sense that getting more nutrients to our hair will minimize hair loss.


Nothing will keep you from losing any hair at all. Even without weight loss surgery, you lose a certain number of hairs every day. Afterwards, you’re going to lose more. It cannot be prevented.


But there are things you can do that seem to help. First off, be sure you’re getting all of your protein. My doctor recommended 60 grams or more a day. I’ve found 80 to be a better number, both for weight loss and for my hair. (Many other doctors recommend 80 as a minimum.)


Hair is built with protein. That’s what it’s made of. So making sure you’re taking in enough protein will help keep your hair healthy. At least, healthier.


TIP: Even a full year after gastric bypass, I find it impossible to get 80 grams of protein from diet alone. I’d never survive without shakes and protein snacks.


This website focuses exclusively on protein for bariatric patients. They’ve got items I haven’t seen anywhere else, and daily specials that can be fantastic – including free samples every now and then! Drinks, powders, cereals, chips – you name it, they’ve got it:



Keeping Hair Healthy


One thing I remember from Cosmetology School all those years ago is how to keep hair healthy. Any perms, color treatments, etc, damage your hair and should be avoided at this time. Yes, coloring your hair will make the hair shaft a little thicker, and that can give you the appearance of fullness. So will a perm. But the damage these chemical processes do will make for duller hair and more fallout.


I personally have a religious conviction against cutting my hair. But since most of you reading this probably don’t, I will say that keeping your ends trimmed or even going for a shorter cut will not only help what’s left feel a little thicker, it will make it easier for new growth to “catch up” to the length of existing hair.


One of the best ways to get more nutrients flowing to your hair (and therefore keep it healthy) is to increase blood flow to your scalp. Remember the old advice to brush your hair 100 strokes every night before bed? (Did I just seriously date my age or what?)


Well, 100 brush strokes may not be the best thing right now, unless you want a brush full of fallen-out hair. But the principle is a very good one. What makes it work is massaging your scalp.


Have you ever noticed when you’re being shampooed at the beauty shop that the stylist really massages your scalp? It’s about more than getting a clean head. She does that because it’s good for your scalp and your hair. The massage sends more blood to your scalp and helps loosen scalp muscles (tight scalp muscles lead to restricted blood flow).


You can massage your scalp yourself any time – as long as your hair is not wet. Use the tips of your fingers – never your fingernails – and rub in small circles. You’ll feel it starting to work within a few minutes. When your scalp feels all nice and tingly you’ll know you’ve got the blood flowing. Massaging 5-10 minutes every day will lead to a healthier, happier scalp and better hair. (I usually do this in the evening while watching TV).


Here is a video I made on how to do it right:


Finally, stressed hair needs special care – and obviously, gastric bypass surgery is very stressful for your hair. It really does matter what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use. You’ll want to use the absolute best you can afford.


TIP: Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. Nioxin is the only hair care line formulated exclusively as skin care for the scalp. It works to provide an optimal scalp environment to both minimize hair loss and stimulate faster, healthier regrowth.

For Non-Chemically Treated Hair:         For Chemically Treated Hair:




Regrow More, Healthier Hair Faster


While it’s hard to stop hair from falling out, you most certainly can help more of it grow back faster and healthier.


Keeping up your protein and taking good care of your hair are a start. But to really ramp up regrowth you’ve got to feed your hair the nutrients it needs to grow.


Before having gastric bypass surgery this isn’t always easy to do. Afterwards, it’s nearly impossible from diet alone. Which is why you should consider adding some supplements to your vitamin regimen specifically for your hair.


You can find hair, skin and nail supplements at nearly any drugstore or health food store. But as with all vitamins, they’re not all created equal. As gastric bypass patients, we have to make sure our bodies are able to process and absorb the supplements we take.


The two most effective supplements for hair regrowth (at least according to the buzz on WLS forums and message boards) are Silica by Puritans Pride and Biotin.


When I started taking Silica, I noticed a difference in my hair within 2-3 weeks. Seriously. Best of all, it’s dirt cheap. With the special they were running at the time, I spent about $10 on a six month supply.



Puritan’s also has the best deal I’ve found on Biotin. While my local GNC charges up to $20 for a bottle, they’ve got a month’s supply for as little as $7.



The bottom line is that you’re going to lose some hair after gastric bypass surgery. But you really can minimize that loss, and help regrowth happen faster by taking good care of your hair.


When this is all over, you’ll not only have a healthier, thinner body – you’ll have a fantastic head of beautiful hair to boot!

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45 Responses to Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass: Tips For Losing Less And Regrowing More Faster

  1. Joyce Gabor

    I had my gastric bypass surgery September 25th 2007 and totally regret it! My highest weight was 371 lbs. and did manage to lose 133 lbs of it but then have regained about 45 lbs. so far. They were supposed to have done it laparascopically but were unable to do because they found a hernia. I then had a open bypass in which they cut about10 inches down the center of my stomach and to this day I have not totally healed. It has been more than 3 years and I am still dealing with an open wound of about 3 inches. I had also developed a MRSA infection about 5 days after the surgery and it took about six months to get rid of that! My hair has fallen out extremely so that now it is VERY thin with no signs of coming back. I have used rogaine and the vitamins recommended with no success. My Diabetes did go away for about a year but is back now. Please think twice about having this surgery! Would love to talk with anyone about this. My e-mail is

  2. Enjoyed your blog, keep up the good work. I have a blog also. Miles To Go. at

    I’m 5 years out and lost 165 pounds.

  3. I had my surgery 10/12/10 the hair is going like crazy which is depressing but dr did mention it’s temporary so I’m clinging to that. I swear I have tried most protein drinks(Isopure, injury, myoplex lite, and a few others) and had issues with them all plus it tastes like crap. The best I have tried is nectar. It comes in a lot of different flavors(my favorites are fuzzy navel, strawberry kiwi, and chocolate) best of all I can mix it with water and they still taste great(milk makes me sick) There’s a place near me called Nashua nutrition located in nashua, nh that caters to the bariatric crowd. I tried a few of their protein snacks. Some are really good! Latest sample was the proti-thin vanilla wafers… Sooo good though I can only eat one of the wafers. Anyways there’s some reccomendations that worked for me. Good luck!

  4. Maria (Ontario)

    I had my surgery April 12th 2010/ I was 368 pounds at 29 years old.. I have lost 130 pounds so far and I am feeling fantastic about the choice i made.. However i like many of you lost ALOT of my hair.. My sister at one point was envious of my hair.. But now it looks terrible.. I am glad that i found this so now i know what i can do to get some of it back!! Thanks!!

  5. Cynthia philly

    hi all.. well my surgery date is april 5, 2011..
    I very excited and scared at the same time.

    i will ask my doctor about these vitamins tomorrow and post what they think..

  6. Does anyone know the frequency and strength of the biotin & silica?

  7. how many milligrams and what is the frequency of the silica & biotin? Anyone?

  8. I had GBS on 9/30/11. I have lost about 54 lbs and consider that is losing slow. I have just started to lose my hair at 3 months post surgery and it is not too bad yet. Thank you for this site, I will try these suggestions. I’m like most of you with protein. I am lucky that I have not thrown up one time but I do get the icky feeling with protein shakes but am willing to try them again since that seems to be the best way to get the protein in. I also have a problem with constipation….any suggestions?

  9. My surgery is 2/28 and i am very excited. This website has been very informative.

  10. Hi All:
    I’m so glad I found this site – I’ve always had very thick auburn hair and like most of you, it was one of the few things I actually liked about myself. I had an RNY on 9/13/10 – have lost a total of 146 lbs. – Wahoo! People who haven’t seen me since I was so fat are absolutely floored – some don’t even recognize me!!

    Anyhow, I am losing my hair BIG TIME!! I’m getting really freaked out. My hairdresser said (in the beginning) that I could stand to lose a bunch of hair and never notice — not anymore! I will admit that I made the decision to have it permed about 2 mos ago in order to help it look fuller and I’m glad I did! Now I am looking at getting it cut shorter – it’s pretty long right now, to the middle of my back so I can cut off a lot and still have some length. But, I had no clue about the Nioxin, Biotin, Silica OR the head massages!! Gonna get right on all of that for sure.

    Noticed that several people on here have commented on still having a hard time forcing the food down – wish I had that problem. I haven’t had a single food issue (as far as getting sick or intolerance) and though I do reach a limit with how much meat I can eat at a time, nothing else seems to make me feel all that full. I can down a regular size Light Yoplait without any trouble at all and that’s in addition to my morning egg! But…I’m still losing so I guess it’s not a big issue – I don’t eat no-no foods.

    Thanks to Lisa and all of the people who posted with suggestions and recommendations – I think that’s what has helped me the most since surgery – other WLSers!!

  11. Worse decision of my life. I regret every day having done the GB.
    I started with the sleeve but had a leak and had to go back for a second surgery to fix the leak which was uncesseful I had to go back into surgery for the 3rd time and the doctor decided the best thing was to do a GB. Well that 3rd surgery put me in ICU for 9 days as I developed fluid in the lungs and ended up staying in the hospital for a total of 33 days. It was a night mare I feel so ashame with my family to have had to put them all through that. I’ve lost about 50 pds. and most of my hair is gone. This is the most hard part b/c I don’t want to go out or see anyone looking like this. I will never recommend the surgery to anyone. I was much happier with my extra pounds. Thanks for listening.

  12. I had GB April 28,2010, one week before my 65th birthday. Acid reflux, high blood pressure and diabetes are gone !! I have had a very easy time of it and have lost 90 pounds and wear a size 8. When I look in the mirror I don’t recognize myself. I still cannot eat very much and don’t get nearly enough protein. I’m going to try the Unjury or Cytomax Protein. I was told about the hair loss preop but it is much worse than I thought it would be. I’ve lost 1/2 of my hair. I was so self conscious that a month ago I bought a wig. Since I knew that my co-workers and friends would know that I was wearing a wig, I decided to have fun with it. I went from being a natural medium blonde to a redhead with high lights. It’s stacked in the back and a chin lenth bob on the sides. I think I look better than I did before! I’d say that if you are really bothered by the hair loss, go to a good wig shop, and try several on. I went to a shop that specializes in products for cancer patients. They were very understanding and considerate of my feelings and were very honest as to what looked best on me. Those that don’t see me on a daily basis have commented on my new haircut !!!! That makes my day!! I figure, new body why not new hair. If an old gal like me can do it, give a wig a try. I hope that my post will help someone. I’m glad that I found this website and know that I’m not alone with what I’m experiencing .

  13. Hi – I had sleeve gastric bypass on Dec 7. I tried different protein shakes and Unjury was recommended to me as being one of the best tasting and it truly is – no bad smell, etc. The chocolate shakes are the best. Each scoop has 20 grams of protein plus a cup of skim gives you 8 more. Each morning I fill up my shake container with about 16-18 oz of skim and add 2 scoops of Unjury and shake it up. It tastes very good and I feel good knowing I have already gotten in about 60 grams of protein by mid morning. I couldn’t find it in the stores and ordered it on-line through and within 2-3 business days, I received my order. I haven’t experienced hair loss YET. My provider just told me that she read an article where it is recommended to take iron for hair loss prevention. So of course in addition to taking biotin daily, and 3 multivits, I added an iron supplement too. I dread the day my hair starts falling out, but I’m expecting it. I’m still at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 32 lbs so far. Good luck to all of you!

  14. I had gastric bypass surgery on November 3, 2010 and have lost 52 lbs to date. My hair is falling out by the handfuls. I was getting really nervous about it and talked with a friend who had the surgery years ago and she told me about the Nioxin. Started using it this morning and I have been taking Biotin for about a week. I have found a protein drink that has a really good flavor and has 40g of protein. I drink on it all day and have a protein shake in the morning so I am getting 68g in a day. The protein drink is called Cytomax Protein and I found mine at my local wholesale nutrition store. Good luck to all

  15. As for the shakes, i have been using unflavored protein powder that I buy at GNC. I mix 1 scoop with crystal light…. not bad at all.. I was throwing up from the protein shakes and found out that the milk in them makes me sick. I can no longer drink milk cant stand the sight of it. Love the unflavored protein.

  16. Hi. I had gb on Aug 17, 2010. Down 80 lbs and feel great, but the hair loss is very disturbing. I do seem to have a lot of “baby hairs” that are about 1 inch, but I feel like I need to do something more. I also have a hard time getting enough protein. I cannot eat much meat, I usually vomit. The shakes make me sick just by the smell. Eggs are no good either. But I will try the Biotin, how much is the recommended dosage?

  17. Hi all, I had my surgery on March 11, 2010. Have lost 142 pounds so far. I have NEVER been hungry a day since my surgery, so protein is hard to get. I force myself to eat even the smallest amounts. So I have been living on protein shakes and supplements. Thank you ALL for the info I gathered. I have very long thick hair, well not so thick anymore. I am heading to the store in the morning to get the shampoo and other things mentioned here. I hope to resolve the losing problem!! Again thank you all

  18. thanks for all the tips. Having the bypass in March 2011. The first meeting I went too didn’t even talk about hair loss. Very worried about that but everyone talks about how much better they feel. i like that idea better. Will start dealing with the hair issue now before I even get to the surgery! thank you everyone!!!

  19. Don’t give up….. It is a journey not a destination.

  20. I am loosing my hair real fast I had no idea… I had gastric bypass August 25 2010, I’ve lost 35 kilos and feel new. But my hair help I’m devastated. Robyn

  21. Hi all. I had my rny on Aug 19th 2010, I had to go back in 3 hours after surgery as i had a bleeder and they fixed it. i had a rough start. im now four months out and im losing my hair in very large amounts daily. I drink muscle milk for my protein. I do get some in my foods but i dont eat enough to get much. I have lost 75 pounds. I feel full most all the time. After a couple of bites im full and i stop. I dont regret it at all, my diabetis is gone. And my migraines have slowed down alot.

  22. hey every1 im alicia tryin to get gb have my 2nd app with my dr. not really scared can anyone please give me any tips on how im gonna feel and what i should expect. btw been to the gb meetings i just need info plz plz plz and thanks

  23. i had gb feb 2010 with a 112lb wgt loss so far. sugars make me deathly ill and i am loosing large amts of my hair. i use nioxin shampoo and i take biotin, the biotin slows the hair loss down and the shampoo helps you keep what hair you have. my problem is i have trouble taking in enough protein because i stay so sick to my stomach. i supplement with kroger carbmaster yogurt that has 12g of protein and very little sugar.cost is great too.taste wonderful. atkins and eas proteins shakes i have found are the best tasting and low in sugar. sometimes i like to mix them with a little coffee and drink them warm. taste like hot chocolate. i like to snack on toasted almonds and soybeans which are both high in protein and essential oils, another issue they don’t tell you about with the high protein comes constipation issues, lol. good luck to everyone. even if i have to buy a wig it is a lot better than weighing 260lbs.

  24. I had bypass surgery November 15 2010. I am so scared I am going to die. My blood sugar stays high. I know I don’t drink enough water or get enough protein. All of these vitimans I take are making me sick to my stomach. I have diabetes. My Dr. said that after the surgery the diabetes would go away… When?? I am so tired of feeling tired, no energy at all.

    Thanks for listening.

  25. I just ordered the vitamins and plan on getting the shampoo. It is very upsetting when you see large clumps of hair come out in your hands. I have thick hair so I am hoping I wont show thin hair soon. I will add extra protien to my diet but it makes me feel so much better to know this is normal and that by taking these steps that I am not doing something wrong. I am 6 months out and lost 76 pounds. I dont regret a minute of it. I love the new me and I am so much happier because of it.

  26. Hi Everyone! I had a GB on July 19, 2010. Four months out, 75 pounds gone from my highest weight of 250. I was a different sort of candidate. I have HH, or Hemochromotosis, (Iron Overload). My hair was already falling out due to the high iron. I had diabetes, severe arthritis pain, heart palpatations, and a slew of other problems. This surgery absolutely saved my life, and I have the self esteem of a beauty queen now. I have been reading that both diabetes and iron overload could be problems of the dueodenum, and since that section of the stomach is no longer used, the GB seems to “cure” the patient. I have been so thrilled with my results. The hair loss is kicking my behind, but I see from reading this, that mine really isn’t that bad. I am now taking a TOTAL OF SIX One a Day Vita Craves Gummies with immunity and energy support, which has the biotin and zinc in it. Spread out three times a day. I do dye my hair, I hate that gray, and I also permed it like a dumb dumb.. I feel as if the vitamins are helping, I am going to do the scalp massage, cuz, it feels GREAT!
    The surgery has changed my life. I couldn’t eat sugar before without getting sick, now I can. It seems as though everyone is different, and now I can eat what I want. I do also drink soda, and thanks to the iron overload, I can drink tea. I am putting this out here, not to encourage anyone to be bad, because I do so.. SPARINGLY. I do not intend to take away what I have longed for, and achieved..
    I would however, like for those of you who know people with Hemochromatosis, or Iron Overload, to please suggest that your physician take a gander at this surgery for relief. I was having to get one pint of blood removed a week, to lower my iron, and now, thanks to the GB, I feel normal, symptom free, diabetes free, and well.. HUMAN!

  27. I had the VGS done on May 19th 2010 and todate have lost 70 lbs. I love how I am looking but let me tell you dealing with some of the side affects has been something else. Would I do it again oh yes but it has not been easy. I have a lot of GERD problems but am working on them and still I do not eat a cup of food at a time and all sugars make me sick now. My hair loss is what is really getting to me. I use to have nice thick hair but not I can blow dry it in very short order and it seems like more falls out everyday. Thanks for the advice and I am taking Biton now but no clue how much to take a day. Can someone help with that?

  28. I had bypass may 2010. My weight loss had been fantastic (8 stone) and the op has given given me back my life, however I have noticed hair loss just recently….nobody told me about hair loss issues and whilst I researched the op I didn see hair loss issues anywhere I read. It has recently been noticeable and took me a couple of months to make the connection…..HELP…..I have found this website informative…thanks

  29. I had my surgery July 13th and I as many of you am experiencing hair loss. I was not sure what to do and if it will ever stop. I spoke to my doctor who is great and he recommended Zinc and Biotin, I have not been taking it for about 2 wks and have not noticed a difference. I am hopeful it will stop soon before I lose all my hair, but I as some of you cannot take the protein shakes as they make me sick. I am trying to find protein in any other form that I can tolerate.
    I am thinking about seeing a specialist for helpful tips, but will try the hair massage.

  30. I have been taking Biotin for 6 weeks now and I am losing my hair faster and faster. I am trying to get all my protein in, but it is so hard. Protein shakes make me throw up, most of them I cannot get past the smell before tossing my cookies. Most times, I do not even want to eat. My kids or husband remind me to eat something. I cut my hair short hoping it would help to mask the ugliness of losing my hair, but it does not. I would love any advice. I was going to try Rogaine, but was told once you use it you cannot stop. My next venture is a wig. My daughter is getting married in April and I surely do not want to be the bald mother of the bride. I would love any advice any of you could give me. I am tired of crying about this…..Thank you.

  31. Helane, and Beverly, I’m also having surger on November 9th! Please keep me in your prayers.
    This site has been very information looking forward to the new me.

  32. Beverly, I’m also having my surgery on November 9th!
    I’ll keep you in our prayers.

  33. I had my surgery (RNY) on 4/01/10, I have lost 121lbs as of this morning. My hair loss started around the 1st month, they say it will happen around the 4th month, not for me! It continues to come out, I was afraid to cut my hair, but after reading this, I am going for a haircut today! Is anyone else having difficulty with getting their water intake in? I’m thankful everyday that I chose to have the surgery, I am no longer O2 dependent and no longer have diabetes, this surgery saved my life, I wish I would have done it years ago, I will take the hair loss! Good luck to everyone on this journey!

  34. Thank you so much for all of the information. I will have my surgery Nov. 9 2010. Yes I am scared. Keep me in your prayers. I will spend the afternoon looking up shampoos and Nioxin. God be with you all. Bev

  35. Hi guys, I am really interested in this shrink your pouch diet. My surgeon told me it was virtually impossible to stretch your pouch. What you do stretch is your ESOPHAGUS. He said that he had seen them stretched to the size of a footballs. I don’t know if I believe him, he is an arrogant guy, in fact he told me that I weighed 20 lbs less than I did at surgery time. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve known how much I’ve weighed everyday of my life since I was 12. Needless to say I don’t go to him anymore! Anyway it sounds like this pouch shrinking works to me and I know that there’s been days I didn’t eat much and after that it was so easy to get full. It’s still a battle, I’m pretty happy with my new body..I’m 5’8″ and weigh 160. I was 275 and gaining fast, I like to blame it on menopause, or as I like to call it, Mentalpause, my ex-surgeon says I should get down to 135….right maybe if I was 19…Anyway my question is, after I loose 10 more lbs. I want to get surgery on my arms, they are hideous and so hard to hide. Has anybody out there had the reduction of thier upper arm surgery and if so could you please tell me how it went, and if I will need to getit flesh colored tatooed because of the scars. thanks so much…I love this site…Nobody knows I’ve had this surgery except my husband and it’s so great to be able to ask questions….good day to you all

  36. I started taking my meds the first day after my surgery. I had my surgery on Dec. !7 and had my entire family from all over the country coming in for Christmas. I cooked a huge dinner and nibbled on some veggies..mostly I just listened to my body. I didn’t tell anyone I’d had the the surgery. Then We all went to Disney World for the weekend. I thought the surgery was a snap and really my couple weeks post-op were spent eating soup and scrambled eggs. I guess its because I’ve been a R.N. for 30 years and we’re horrible patients, but the other thing I was surprised about the surgerie itself was the gas they inject into your abdominal cavity. I started walking laps around the nurses station as soon as my doc said I could. I was never in my bed, I couldn’t stand the bloated feeling.So, If you can remember to start walking your laps as soon as you can will help so much…Good Luck to you all

  37. I had my gastric bypass in June 2010. I have lost 70 pounds and have had to go in to have dilitation twice because of strictures which made it very hard to get enough nutrition in. My hair is falling out by the handfuls. I have been on biotin since I had the surgery. Didn’t help. It seems like nothing helps. But I am willing to try anything.

  38. I had the RNY in May 2010 and I have lost 100 lbs. and 100lbs of HAIR!! J/K….No, really I have lost quite a bit of my hair, I cut it short, use Nioxin shampoo and have started taking Flaxseed Oil and Biotin about 2 weeks ago and I have already noticed a difference in the texture of my hair. Hopefully this will stop the loss and begin the regrowth! Good Luck to all of you guys that are going through the same situation!

  39. Thank you SO much for this terrific site! I am pre-op, will have RNY hopefully about six weeks from now, and was looking for info about how to head-off(unintended pun!) the hair-loss issue. I feel much better about it after reading here, and will get the Niotin and supplements started right away.
    Thank you for caring and sharing!

  40. I had the sleeve done 4/19/10 and have lost 104lbs (YEAH!) but my hair is falling out at a scary rate. Thank goodness I had tons of hair to begin with. I don’t think a stranger would say my hair was “thin” but people that I know say it definately looks thinner. Before my hair started falling out about 3 months post-op I got a very short new haircut and am now glad I did. I am looking forward to trying your suggestions as I am starting to panic at the amount of hair I find everywhere everyday. Good luck to all on your weight loss adventures :)

  41. So have a double whammy, two weeks after my surgery I got pregnant (don’t ask me how, ok I know how), but since I hadn’t been able to conceive for the two years preceding, since I was married, I was shocked!! I was scared and mad at myself for doing this after all the time it took me getting ready for the surgery, the actually surgery and now I felt I have ruined it. But as of today my beautiful son, Josiah James, is a healthy, strong four months old baby is the joy of my life and now I know he is going to be safe and healthy I start to look at myself again and realize OMG my full thick naturally curly hair is almost 1/3-1/2 gone! People tell me it really looks fine, but I know what it use to look like and I am on a mission to get it back. After this whole experience I’ve realize in life I can do ANYTHING! Thanks to my new body, a bit stretched out, thanks Joey :) and a feeling of great accomplishment after a 85lbs lose I feel great. I am going to try the Silica and scalp stimulation TODAY! Thanks for the advice and I’ll keep you up to date as I eagerly watch for results. -Dorothy

  42. I am using your site to try and get prepared for what is coming – looking up Biotin and Silica prices over here in UK. As I am only just post op (5 days) I find it hard to imagine taking tablets or capsules – anyone have words of advice/encouragement? I have chewable multivits and calcium but they taste horrid – and I am on a prescription anti depressant which I got from my GP in liquid form and it tastes so foul it makes you want to throw up! Thinking this will be a good incentive to come off it! What is the difference for bypass bods in quick/slow release/coated meds etc?

  43. I had surgery on March 2,2009 and so far have losted 94 lbs. The change has been so drastic I sometimes wonder who the person looking at me in the mirror is. I’ve had a pretty easy time of it I’d say. I’m dealing with a bladder infection right now . My hair is falling out but I know this will only be temporary. Usually after 6 months it starts to come back in. My whole process from 1st doctor’s visit to surgery took me 6 months. The surgery was PAINFUL but it only lasted for about a week. Once I got home and got moving around it got easier and easier….I was counted the days to when I could actually eat a scrambled egg and then could only eat a portion of it. My new best friend is a sugarfree popsicle.
    I always thought if it was suarfree it had to taste like S**t, but it’s amazing that food without added sugar and fat tastes so good. I like a couple of the posters here too have to remind myself to eat. I have not had any feeling of hunger since surgery. I do miss my Diet Coke but I didn’t need to drink as much as I did anyway. My surgical team was wonderful. There wasn’t anything that I could think of that they did not have an explanation for. I thought t ysef for the first week “WHAT HAVE I DONE”, but I can honestly say I would do it again. The new me that is emerging after 30 years of hiding is astounding. My kids are actually proud of the job and it is a job that their mom has been able to stick with. My husband is dumbfounded. I’ve become the person I have always known was there but was afraid to project. My sleep apnea has disappeared and my borderline diabetes has disappeared. My wallet has shrunk due to wardrobe issues. Baggy undies and pants that fall off. I love going to the pool and I can walk without having to stop and rest all the time. It’s been a truly remarkable journey. A journey I chose for myself.

  44. I agree that I wish that I had known more before my gastric bypass. But I think either the office and Doctor don’t know or they avoid telling you certain things so you won’t get too afraid to have the operation. I have purchased the silica nd biotin as recommended, but can anyone tell me how much of each to take? My hair loss is scary and I would like to start some regrowth. It has been 6 1/2 months since my surgery and in the last 2 months I think I have lost at least 1/3 of my hair. HELP!

  45. OMG that’s YOU in the scalp massage video??? Awesome!! I’ve been massaging my scalp every day since I saw you on YouTube! I put the video on my blog. Thank you so much for that!! We have a lot in common Lisa Lisa!

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