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Weight Loss Surgery and Suicide

Did you know that there is a higher suicide rate about 2-3 years after weight loss surgery? I saw a news story on it recently and really liked what it had to say.

Unfortunately, too many people think that bariatric surgery is going to solve all their problems. If I were only skinny, we think, my entire life would be different. Continue reading

Baby Steps Back To Normalcy

I went to church last night. It was the first time I’d been there in almost a month. In fact, I’ve not been anywhere except home and various hospitals and doctor’s offices. So for some reason, the thought of being in a crowd nearly gave me panic attacks.

I could have taken some of the meds they gave me for that, but I refused. I’m trying to wean off the meds all together.

Several people at my church have had gastric bypass surgery, and as I explained exactly what had happened I could see the fear in a few eyes. So I pointed out the fact that my research shows this particular gastric bypass surgery complication happens to only 3-5% of all patients. So statistically, I’ve got us all covered. It shouidn’t happen to anyone else I know.

Right now, my biggest problem is fighting off depression. Continue reading