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Dealing With Irritating (But Well Meaning) Comments And Opinions

Me after gastric bypassI’m a little irritated today.

First, some good news: I’ve got new pics, and despite not really liking my hairdo, I look pretty darn good.

The skirt I’m wearing is a 12, but it’s very loose. This was taken after I’d been to Wal-Mart and successfully fit into 8′s.

So as you look at this picture, what do you see? Do you see a woman who’s done losing weight? Well, I don’t. I’m still 25 pounds away from what is considered a normal, healthy weight for my height.

And underneath the clothes, there is is definitely plenty of fat still hanging around.

But here’s the part I’m irritated about. I have friends (more than one) who have taken me aside in recent days to ask, “Aren’t you done losing weight? Surely you don’t want to lose any more!”

When I reply that yes, I have 25 more pounds to go the response is something like, “But you look good now! You need to stop!”

And this frustrates me to no end. Don’t you think I know my own body? Don’t you think I know whether or not there is fat there that needs to go?

Do they think I’m going to become aneorexic? Continue reading

A Woman’s Body Image

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been very busy with my “day job.” Feeling bad about that, I had every intention to come in today and write a post about how I’ve gone from a size 14 to a 12 – yay! – but still haven’t lost any pounds. (Weird, huh?)

But as I was driving back from dropping my kids off at school, Focus On The Family was on the radio. I missed most of the program today, but as I tuned in Dr. Dobson was talking to an author apparently about lies we tell ourselves. And something he said really got to me.

The author (I’ll look up who it was later, right now I want to get my thought out) was talking abot how we lie to ourselves or are lied to by the culture and that the biggest lie we believe is that “I don’t matter.” He specifically talked about women, and how everything around us (media, advertising, etc) tells us we have to look a certain way to matter. Continue reading

After Gastric Bypass: Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

I recently saw this report on FoxNews.com about a woman who’d lost 185 pounds through Gastric Bypass. The problem? Now she has hanging skin.

It’s something to consider. As I work my way down the scale, it’s certainly starting to bother me. Sure, I look great with clothes ON, but come bath time… all I can say is YUCK.

How are you dealing with it? Or, how do you plan to? My insurance company told me up front that they would not pay for plastics after my gastric bypass. And with costs in the thousands, well… Let’s just say I’m looking around for another idea. I’ll let you know if I find one.

Till then, check this story out: