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Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Help Women Conceive

I liked this story, and with all the less-than-pleasant posts of late, thought it was a great time to bring some balance with some positive news.

But it turns out that one of the many benefits of gastric bypass surgery, in addition to weight loss, is that women who’ve been infertile often find themselves joyfully and surprisingly pregnant.

And I’ve seen the truth of this one in my own life. A good friend of mine — in fact, the very person who’s succes with gastric bypass surgery inspired me to go for it myself — had been unable to conceive for over a decade. We married within a couple of months of each other in 1994, yet in early 2007 when I was beginning my approval process she had just discovered she was finally pregnant for the very first time. Today, she’s the proud Mama of an incredibly beautiful baby girl. Continue reading