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The Bypass Effect On Diabetes And Cancer

This story isn’t new. In April of 2008, 60 Minutes did a segment on Gastric Bypass and the benefits beyond weight loss. I ran across it today as I was looking at something else, and thought it would be a good counter-balance to the general negativity I’ve been flinging towards the media this week.


Study Finds Diabetics, Those With Larger Pouches Lose Less Weight After Gastric Bypass

Well, I thought this was very interesting.

According to a study published this week in the Archives of Surgery, it seems that diabetics may lose less weight after having GBP.

Part of what’s so interesting about this is the fact that other studies have shown gastric bypass surgery to be an effective treatment for diabetes.

In this study, however, 310 people were checked 12 months after having surgery. The average weight loss was 60% of their excess. But 38 of those patients had lost less than 40% of their excess weight, at least one losing as little as 8%.

When they researchers tried to figure out what the people with poor results had in common, they found two things: diabetes and a larger pouch. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Better For Diabetes Than Weight Loss Alone?

I found an interesting study on gastric bypass and diabetes at this link.

Scientists tested the insulin levels of 2 groups of diabetics: one group underwent gastric bypass surgery, the other group lost a similar amount of weight through calorie restriction alone.

Patients from both groups were matched for age, body weight, body mass index, diabetes duration and control, and amount of weight loss.

So the only variable was how they lost weight. And the results were somewhat surprising. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass: Benefits Other Than Weight Loss

Seems having a gastric bypass will do more than just help you lose weight. According to this article from the American Society For Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery, systems all over your body can see dramatic gastric bypass surgery benefits.

Suzanne at the Thinner Times Forum (great forum, by the way!) posted the following image. It really makes the point!

Gastric Bypass Benefits

Reprinted with permission of The Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art & Photography © 2007. All Rights Reserved

Personally, I have experience with polysystic ovarian syndrome and metabolic syndrome, sciatica, migraines, depression, and possibly sleep apnea (needing a sleep study on that one – if I have it, it hasn’t gone away yet.)

So how do my co-morbidities stack up? Continue reading