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Redefining Yourself After Weight Loss Surgery

Successful female dielWeight loss surgery changes more than just your appearance and your eating habits. No matter where you are in the process, you probably already have a basic knowledge of this fact.

But it’s hard to overstate the mental impact losing so much weight so quickly has on you. Once you get to the other side of the roller coaster ride, and realize that you’ve reached your goal, you still have to process who this new person you see in the mirror really is. Continue reading

Who Is This Person?

Hi everyone!

Hiking With The KidsIt’s been forever since I’ve posted, and I’m sorry.  I guess I do these things in spurts.

In fact, I originally wrote this post at the end of January. But computer problems prevented me from publishing it. Below, I mention that I’m 2 pounds away from goal. I’ve been hovering between goal and five pounds below it for several weeks now.

But what I was feeling at the time seems important, even though I’ve worked a lot of it out. I’ll post again soon (I promise!), but for now, here is the post from January:

A lot is happening. I’m sooo close to my goal weight – like 2 pounds away as of this morning. I’ve actually hit it once, but then bounced back up a few pounds the next day. Now that I’m here, tho, I’ve revised it. I think there are still 10 or 15 pounds of fat lurking in my tummy and thighs.

Between losing all this weight, and the really bad experience I had last year (where I really could have died),  I realize that I’ve changed tremendously. The outside is obvious – sometimes I look in the mirror, and I just don’t recognize the person looking back. She’s a lot hotter than the me I’m used to.

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