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Emergency Day 4: It’s Working

The 5 Day Pouch Test is working. But it still isn’t easy or fun.

Yesterday was day 3. Soft protein like scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, canned tuna or salmon. Pretty much the only thing on that list that I like was the eggs.

I had a quiche at my favorite coffee shop (didn’t eat the crust), then some cottage cheese in the afternoon (ick), snacked on SF pudding cups in between (you can never have too much chocolate) and had a ham, mushroom and cheese omlette for dinner.

It feels like I am definitely regaining control. And the good news is that the scale is still cooperating: 152 this morning. The bad news, however, is that I still feel like crap. Continue reading

Emergency Day 3

Well, on Day 3 of my 5 Day Pouch Test,  it’s getting easier.

Yesterday was still tough. No solid food. By the end of the day I was tired and had a headache. I had drama practice in the evening and I could tell my brain wasn’t really in it.

Today I’m up to scrambled eggs and cottage cheeses and stuff. So I decided to get out of Dodge. My favorite coffee shop has quiches that are really good. I guess that counts as scrambled eggs if I don’t eat the crust right? I hope so cuz that’s what I did.

I hung out there for several hours, sort of working. My brain still isn’t all there I don’t think. I’m back home now and I feel kind of light headed still, tired and woozy. I did have some cottage cheese and a pudding cup when I got here.

I can definitely tell a difference tho in my hunger level and what I can eat. It took very little cottage cheese till I felt somewhat full – of course I don’t really like cottage cheese either. I waited a few before the pudding cup. For dinner I’m going to make an omlette… ham and cheese and mushrooms.

So far the Pouch Test seems to be having the desired effect – I’m not craving carbs and like I said don’t feel as hungry. I remember getting to the place after gastric bypass surgery where hunger just wasnt’ an emergency any more like it had been before. Continue reading

Thanksgiving After Gastric Bypass

How do you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner after gastric bypass surgery?

I don’t know about you, but for me Thanksgiving dinner used to be all about the food, the gold plated silverware, the family and the decorations. Everything is sooo good, and much of it is stuff you only eat during the holidays. Green bean casserole is one of my all time favorites. So is sweet potato souffle. And of course stuffing. Can’t forget the stuffing.

Last Thanksgiving was my first with Pouchie. And while my brain wanted to dive into the carb-laden overabundance that was covering my dining table, Pouchie was pretty firm in his (her? is Pouchie a girl or a boy? Hmmmm… Probably something deep-seated and psychological about calling my stomach “him”. Of course, naming my stomach at all is a little weird, come to think of it…) resistance. Continue reading

Hunger Still Happens, But It’s Not The End Of The World

I must be about to lose a chunk of weight again – at least that’s what I hope is happening!

Last night I had a serious attack from the hunger monster. I was at a friend’s house, and they had pizza. I ate one slice, then another 1/2 of a small one. Before leaving a couple of hours later, I tried to eat another slice, just because, well.. it was there. But only half of it would fit.

Now, back in the day, I could eat 4+ pieces at a sitting, so barely being able to manage 2.5 over the course of an evening is a vast improvement. Nothing to stress over, really.

But once I got home, on the other hand… Continue reading

White Bean Chicken Chili

White Bean Chicken Chili

It’s not been easy finding things to eat after having the gallbladder surgery. It’s getting better, but still a bit of a challenge.

Enter white bean chicken chili.

I love getting this stuff from Ruby Tuesday’s. But last night, I found a quick and easy way to make it at home, and everyone loved it!

Best of all, the Pouch gave it’s Seal Of Approval. And it’s super healthy – lots of protein and fiber, very little fat. Continue reading

Living With Gastric Bypass: Eating Out And Dumping

Eating Out Is No Longer FunWe went out to eat yesterday. First, it’s a monumental accomplishment nowadays to find somewhere I can go and things I can eat without getting sick. That’s due more (I think) to the gall bladder issues than the gastric bypass.

But you wouldn’t believe the headache I get when my husband turns to me and says, “Where do you want to go?” My mind goes blank. It feels like incredible pressure. Because even if I am feeling hungry, I hardly ever really crave anything. And I know that within a few bites I’ll feel full and most of what I ordered will be wasted.

We decided on a local Mexican restaurant that we go to all the time. I got a shrimp quesadilla – usually I open it up and eat the shrimp and cheese, leaving the tortilla. Almost pure protein, and shrimp are low fat. All in all, I thought this was a safe choice.


Continue reading