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Losing My Gall Bladder Makes Me Dump More

I’m just getting over a major dump.

Today started great. I went to a meeting, then went to the park to walk. 2.4 miles in 30 minutes, worked up a nice sweat. I had eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, and have already had 2 of my 4 daily propels. Had a yogurt for mid-morning snack. So I’m at about 27 grams of protein so far for the day. Really doing well. Oh, and I took my morning calcium and silica supplements.

I’ve been a really good girl this morning!

So for lunch, I go with broiled scallops and a salad. I add cheese crumbles and some sunflower seeds to the salad to up the protein count.

10 minutes after the salad is gone, it hits me. Continue reading

After GallBladder Surgery

I saw my PCP this week, and we were discussing life after both gastric bypass and gall bladder removal.

Gallstones are one of the most common gastric bypass surgery complications. It seems that up to one third of all gastric bypass patients will develop gallstones in the months following surgery. Wow. The rapid weight loss, combined with the drastically lower amount of fat and calories in our diet seem to be to blame.

A few things are different now that my gall bladder is history. I’ve noticed that I dump easier, and on more foods. I even dump on protein shakes. I’m tolerating fewer foods.

Then again, I’m tolerating other foods that I wasn’t before. For example, my 7 year old has been sick, and a friend from church baked him some cookies. My favorite kind – homemade chocolate chip. So I just had to have one, figuring a few minutes of bilss was worth the misery that would follow. Continue reading

Mad At My Gastric Bypass Surgeon

Today I had my one-year follow-up appointment with my gastric bypass doctor. It was combined with my first follow-up visit after the gall bladder surgery, which is why it’s a whole month early.

I got very upset immediately after the gall bladder surgery, as I was given no dietary restrictions other than “nothing greasy.” 2 days after surgery I ate a Michelina’s cheese tortellini meal (16 grams of protein!) and my stomach had a fit. Continue reading