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Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Pt 5: Don’t Take Crap From Anybody

I was repeatedly amazed at the incompetence and general unprofessionalism of some of the people I dealt with during my gastric bypass surgery complication.

Here are just a couple of examples, I could give more. I could talk about the nurse that wanted to know who I was going to vote for, didn’t like my answer and tried to debate me. I’ve already talked about how bad the ER was, and the crabby blonde chick that said my room was ready when I came back infected when in fact it would not be ready for another hour and a half.

But these are the most frustrating examples of bad care that I received. Writing about them gives me a chance to vent. The lesson for you, dear reader, is to never blindly trust your medical personnel. Don’t take crap from them. You have rights and they are not always looking out for them.

I also must say, in the beginning, that other than these examples I did receive good care. My surgeon, along with his senior partner, were awesome. So was most of the rest of their staff, with the single exception of this PA: Continue reading

My Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Saga: Part 4

Let’s see. We last left my Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Saga as I drifted off into a drugged stupor following the trauma of watching my infected incision being re-opened and cleaned. Despite feeling like I may develop post traumatic stress disorder, it did feel better to have all the pus and gook out of it. Of course, the good dose of morphine didn’t hurt matters, either.

Next up was a CT scan, both to look for possible “fistulas” (holes in my bowel that would have meant the brown liquid really was fecal matter) and to possibly determine why I’d been unable to eat.

CT Scans Are Different For Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

They brought a whole half-gallon of stuff that looked like lemonade and said, “drink this as quickly as possible.” I reminded them that I have a stomach the size of an egg and that “as quickly as possible” for me to drink a half gallon would be somewhere around 6 hours or so. Continue reading