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Bariatric Surgery And Pregnancy: A Good Combination?

There’s been a flurry of articles this week regarding pregnancy after bariatric surgery. Researchers looked at both gastric bypass and Lap Band® patients to see if their pregnancies were negatively affected.

It’s only been a few days since research hit that showed getting pregnant after gastric bypass to be easier. This research goes one step further to see how the prior bariatric surgery impacts the pregnancy.

And the findings are good! Continue reading

Study Finds Gastric Bypass More Effective Than Lap Band For Weight Loss

I’m often asked how I made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery as opposed to the Lap Band.

For me, the fact that the Lap Band is so easily reversible and adjustible was a negative. I know me all to well, and if there was a way out during the difficult times I’d take it. I wanted, needed, something permanent.

Not everyone feels that way. One of the plans I have for this site is a comprehensive section detailing the pros and cons of both procedures to help people make that decision. When I do, the following information will certainly be a part of it: Continue reading

7 Reasons Gastric Bypass Surgery Is NOT The Easy Way Out

So I’m at church the other night. A very well-meaning person comes up to me and compliments my weight loss. This person has struggled with weight as well, and asks how much I’ve lost since my gastric bypass.

I reluctantly divulge the number (I hate that question) and am told that this person, too is losing weight – 15 pounds so far. I offer sincere congratulations. Then I’m told, “I’m doing it the hard way. I’m not going to have that surgery!”

Believe me, I’m not one of those Pollyannas who think weight loss surgery is for every overweight person on the planet, and how dare they not consider this solution to salvage their health!!!!!

NO, that’s not me. This surgery is a big, life-changing deal. It’s a huge commitment. And it is most certainly not for everybody.

But the misconception out there that it’s the “easy way out” is really wearing on me. So here’s my list of 7 reasons why it’s not a walk in the park. Please make sure every numbskull you know reads it. Print it on t-shirts or some kind of business card that you can hand out whenever you hear this inane comment. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Better For Diabetes Than Weight Loss Alone?

I found an interesting study on gastric bypass and diabetes at this link.

Scientists tested the insulin levels of 2 groups of diabetics: one group underwent gastric bypass surgery, the other group lost a similar amount of weight through calorie restriction alone.

Patients from both groups were matched for age, body weight, body mass index, diabetes duration and control, and amount of weight loss.

So the only variable was how they lost weight. And the results were somewhat surprising. Continue reading

Weight Loss Surgery For Teens?

How young is too young to have a gastric bypass?

I’ll be honest: This story has me a little torn. On the one hand, I would have loved to have had this surgery at 17 and really enjoyed high school, even my 20′s, without the taint of fatness in my life.

But I was a completely different person at 17 than I am today. How on earth does a child that age prepare for the emotional ramifications of this surgery? How can you make such a life-altering, irreversible decision so young?

What do you think?



Gastric Bypass Surgeon Interview

I found a great interview with a Gastric Bypass surgeon online this morning. What I like about this segment is that it is very objective – it talks about how to make your surgery successful, what you need to know going in.

The surgeon compares the life change to getting married – everything changes when you get married, every relationship and your day-to-day life. Continue reading

Complete And Utter Joy!

I did something last night that I NEVER would have done 100 pounds ago. And it was sooooo cool!!

My church is preparing to build a new sanctuary, and we recently installed a new parking lot. Due to this construction, there is a HUGE mountain of dirt behind the new parking lot. It’s about as tall as the two-storey part of the building it sits behind. Continue reading

After Gastric Bypass: The Serious Risk Of Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamins Are Essential After Gastric BypassThis is something that anyone considering weight loss surgery MUST seriously consider. It is perhaps the most sobering of all risks, because this gastric bypass surgery complication can sneak up on you without much warning. And the consequences are dire.

The “bypass” part of gastric bypass involves bypassing the first section of the large intestine. This is where a good bit of your nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream.

So you have to be very diligent about taking supplements FOREVER in order to prevent serious deficiencies. Life-altering deficiencies. Life-ENDING deficiencies. Continue reading

Study links gastric bypass surgery to increased risk of kidney stones

Another potential gastric bypass surgery complication:

Gastric Bypass Surgery associated with kidney stone formation earlier than previously reported

CHICAGO (June 26, 2008) – Morbidly obese patients who undergo a particular type of gastric bypass surgery called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) are at an increased risk of developing kidney stones – small, pebble-like deposits that can result in severe pain and require an operation to remove them – earlier than previously thought. These stones develop in patients within only a few months following the procedure rather than several months to years, according to research published in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Increased My Life Insurance Rates

Here’s a side effect to gastric bypass you may not have thought of.

So DH and I are getting life insurance. Most of it is on him. But for my portion, I was surprised at how they treated the fact that I’d had gastric bypass surgery. Continue reading