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Who Is This Person?

Hi everyone!

Hiking With The KidsIt’s been forever since I’ve posted, and I’m sorry.  I guess I do these things in spurts.

In fact, I originally wrote this post at the end of January. But computer problems prevented me from publishing it. Below, I mention that I’m 2 pounds away from goal. I’ve been hovering between goal and five pounds below it for several weeks now.

But what I was feeling at the time seems important, even though I’ve worked a lot of it out. I’ll post again soon (I promise!), but for now, here is the post from January:

A lot is happening. I’m sooo close to my goal weight – like 2 pounds away as of this morning. I’ve actually hit it once, but then bounced back up a few pounds the next day. Now that I’m here, tho, I’ve revised it. I think there are still 10 or 15 pounds of fat lurking in my tummy and thighs.

Between losing all this weight, and the really bad experience I had last year (where I really could have died),  I realize that I’ve changed tremendously. The outside is obvious – sometimes I look in the mirror, and I just don’t recognize the person looking back. She’s a lot hotter than the me I’m used to.

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