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I’m So Depressed

I just can’t take much more of this.

Yesterday, when I went to get my wound vac dressing changed, at first Sue (my wonderful wound expert and a specialist in live online counseling) said I should be able to get rid of it on that visit. I told her I had some concerns, that I had mentioned to the nurse on Saturday, but she had said they were normal. I wanted Sue to tell me that because I trust her more.

Some background: My incision went from my belly button to my sternum. The original infection was toward the bottom, about an inch up from my belly button. When it happened, they didn’t re-open my entire wound, just the bottom half.

Well, now the skin over the top half was red, and there was a distinctive knot underneath it. It has been there for quite a long time – originally, there was a bulge there even before the infection happened. There was also a distinctive odor.

At first, Sue agreed that it was probably normal, but the knot concerned her. She said it might be a hernia. Fortunately, I’d taken my Xanax. After all, a hernia started this whole drama. As time went on, though, I began to wish I’d taken 2. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Pt. 7: The Road To Recovery

It’s now been just over 3 weeks since the intense abdominal pain sent me to the ER in the middle of the night and my gastric bypass surgery complication saga began.

Since then, a case of badly twisted bowels turned into a nasty infection in my incision site. At first I had daily visits from a home health care agency to change what was a “wet to dry” dressing. That basically consisted of gauze stuffed into my open wound with bandages taped over my stomach to hold it all in.

The trauma of seeing my stomach laid open gave me panic attacks every time my dressing was changed. One week ago I was put on a wound vac, which keeps my wound taped up much more securely, drains the fluids that collect in it, and only needs to be changed three times a week. It hurts worse to change this, but it is making my wound heal much faster. Plus I feel much more secure between changes.

All in all, things are getting better. Continue reading

My Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Saga: Part 4

Let’s see. We last left my Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Saga as I drifted off into a drugged stupor following the trauma of watching my infected incision being re-opened and cleaned. Despite feeling like I may develop post traumatic stress disorder, it did feel better to have all the pus and gook out of it. Of course, the good dose of morphine didn’t hurt matters, either.

Next up was a CT scan, both to look for possible “fistulas” (holes in my bowel that would have meant the brown liquid really was fecal matter) and to possibly determine why I’d been unable to eat.

CT Scans Are Different For Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients

They brought a whole half-gallon of stuff that looked like lemonade and said, “drink this as quickly as possible.” I reminded them that I have a stomach the size of an egg and that “as quickly as possible” for me to drink a half gallon would be somewhere around 6 hours or so. Continue reading

Misery Part 3: Complications On My Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication

If that title doesn’t make sense yet, it will. Because yep, you guessed it – the surgery to fix the complication that arose from my gastric bypass surgery (the internal hernia and twisted bowels) developed a complication of it’s own.

So I have a complication on my gastric bypass surgery complication.

Right now we’re up to Friday, October 24 in my saga. Initial pain began on Monday, October 13. Surgery to correct the problem happened on Wednesday, October 15th. I came home from the hospital on Saturday, October 18th. Wednesday the 22nd I visited the DR and had 26 of 46 staples removed, and on Thursday the 23rd I had the Upper GI trying to figure out why I still couldn’t eat anything thicker than chicken broth.

I have an incision from my belly button to my sternum. In the hospital, there was a bulge at the top of it, the nurse (and later my surgeon as well) said it was likely “old blood” and recommended a damp towel and heating pad be kept on it.

So Friday morning that’s what I was doing. I was laying in bed with the heating pad on. My kids had stayed home from school, mostly due to exhaustion on everyone’s part and the burden of trying to find people to take them back and forth. I’d called into my surgeon’s office to see what the next step in figuring out why I couldn’t eat would be, but hadn’t heard back yet.

My incision felt numb, and like there was a knot underneath it. It was red, but I thought it might be from the heating pad, which I turned down.

Early afternoon, I got a call from my Dad, checking on me. As I hung up the phone I felt a bit of an itch coming from my incision. I gingerly touched it, and it felt wet.

What happened next was the most disgusting, traumatic thing I may have ever experienced. Continue reading