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Emergency Day 4: It’s Working

The 5 Day Pouch Test is working. But it still isn’t easy or fun.

Yesterday was day 3. Soft protein like scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, canned tuna or salmon. Pretty much the only thing on that list that I like was the eggs.

I had a quiche at my favorite coffee shop (didn’t eat the crust), then some cottage cheese in the afternoon (ick), snacked on SF pudding cups in between (you can never have too much chocolate) and had a ham, mushroom and cheese omlette for dinner.

It feels like I am definitely regaining control. And the good news is that the scale is still cooperating: 152 this morning. The bad news, however, is that I still feel like crap. Continue reading

Emergency Day 3

Well, on Day 3 of my 5 Day Pouch Test,  it’s getting easier.

Yesterday was still tough. No solid food. By the end of the day I was tired and had a headache. I had drama practice in the evening and I could tell my brain wasn’t really in it.

Today I’m up to scrambled eggs and cottage cheeses and stuff. So I decided to get out of Dodge. My favorite coffee shop has quiches that are really good. I guess that counts as scrambled eggs if I don’t eat the crust right? I hope so cuz that’s what I did.

I hung out there for several hours, sort of working. My brain still isn’t all there I don’t think. I’m back home now and I feel kind of light headed still, tired and woozy. I did have some cottage cheese and a pudding cup when I got here.

I can definitely tell a difference tho in my hunger level and what I can eat. It took very little cottage cheese till I felt somewhat full – of course I don’t really like cottage cheese either. I waited a few before the pudding cup. For dinner I’m going to make an omlette… ham and cheese and mushrooms.

So far the Pouch Test seems to be having the desired effect – I’m not craving carbs and like I said don’t feel as hungry. I remember getting to the place after gastric bypass surgery where hunger just wasnt’ an emergency any more like it had been before. Continue reading

New Year, Same New And Improved Me

me-dec-09Well, once again, it’s been a while.

Sorry for that. When I started this blog I was working from home as a freelance writer. That business kinda dried up in the bad economy, and so in July I started a new job. Continue reading

Thanksgiving After Gastric Bypass

How do you enjoy Thanksgiving dinner after gastric bypass surgery?

I don’t know about you, but for me Thanksgiving dinner used to be all about the food, the gold plated silverware, the family and the decorations. Everything is sooo good, and much of it is stuff you only eat during the holidays. Green bean casserole is one of my all time favorites. So is sweet potato souffle. And of course stuffing. Can’t forget the stuffing.

Last Thanksgiving was my first with Pouchie. And while my brain wanted to dive into the carb-laden overabundance that was covering my dining table, Pouchie was pretty firm in his (her? is Pouchie a girl or a boy? Hmmmm… Probably something deep-seated and psychological about calling my stomach “him”. Of course, naming my stomach at all is a little weird, come to think of it…) resistance. Continue reading

The Honeymoon Is Definitely Over

Eating Out Is No Longer FunWell, it was fun while it lasted. But it sure seems that my honeymoon period (the first 6-12 months after gastric bypass when weight is easy to lose and hunger is minimal) is over.

To be honest, it’s been over for a little while. I can’t really put my finger on the exact date, but I know that for a few weeks before my gall bladder operation in mid-June I had been stuck at 190. I really think that the only reason I dropped the next 10 pounds was the fact that I ate nothing but chicken soup for 3 weeks. Continue reading

Why Are Some People So Negative About Weight Loss Surgery?

Some people sure have a bad attitude about weight loss surgery.

I’ve noticed it more in the past few days. I know, it’s nothing new. I think I’ve just seen more of it recently and it has me thinking.

Maybe it has to do with the general distaste for fatness in our culture. Overweight people are looked down on, ridiculed, even discriminated against. Many suffer in silence. Perhaps they, too, feel like the problem is their own fault.

I mean, how angry do you have to be to make comments like these in response to news stories on gastric bypass surgeries: Continue reading

Another Plateau Bites The Dust!

Yaay! For the first time in about a month, my scale moved today!

I’ve been stuck at 180 since right after the gallbladder surgery, but today my scale read a sweet 178. I’m now firmly within the range of what I weighed in high school, which is way cool.

(Back then I ranged from 165 – 185 and thought I was massively overweight. Of course, immediately after graduation my PCOS kicked in and I soon discovered what massively overweight really was. For years I’ve looked longingly at photos of myself from those days, wishing I’d known then what I know now.)

So how did I bust this plateau? Continue reading

Update: Extended Release Meds After Gastric Bypass

So you may remember this post where I was mad at my surgeon for prescribing extended release meds to me.

I said I would find out where I’d heard that it was bad to take them. Well, I’ve found a boatload of information on the topic. And guess who was right? Continue reading

Gastric Bypass: Benefits Other Than Weight Loss

Seems having a gastric bypass will do more than just help you lose weight. According to this article from the American Society For Metabolic And Bariatric Surgery, systems all over your body can see dramatic gastric bypass surgery benefits.

Suzanne at the Thinner Times Forum (great forum, by the way!) posted the following image. It really makes the point!

Gastric Bypass Benefits

Reprinted with permission of The Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art & Photography © 2007. All Rights Reserved

Personally, I have experience with polysystic ovarian syndrome and metabolic syndrome, sciatica, migraines, depression, and possibly sleep apnea (needing a sleep study on that one – if I have it, it hasn’t gone away yet.)

So how do my co-morbidities stack up? Continue reading

Mad At My Gastric Bypass Surgeon

Today I had my one-year follow-up appointment with my gastric bypass doctor. It was combined with my first follow-up visit after the gall bladder surgery, which is why it’s a whole month early.

I got very upset immediately after the gall bladder surgery, as I was given no dietary restrictions other than “nothing greasy.” 2 days after surgery I ate a Michelina’s cheese tortellini meal (16 grams of protein!) and my stomach had a fit. Continue reading