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Weight Loss Surgery May Lead To Better Sex… Or Not

romance1Well here’s another great gastric bypass surgery benefit: Better sex.

Maybe. If you’re a man with ED anyway. If you’re a woman, well, it’s all in your head. Isnt’ that typical?

Here’s what the article, “Hospital Says Weight Loss Surgery May Lead To Better Sex” has to say: Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Surgery Boosts Libido – Now THAT’S A Benefit!

Interesting tidbit today. (Warning: This post could be a bit more risque than normal. You’ve been advised. Proceed accordingly.)

According to a Reuters item (Weight Loss Surgery Boosts Testosterone Levels) Men who have gastric bypass surgery can increase libido and actually cure erectile dysfunction. Talk about your gastric bypass surgery benefits!

Well, that’s cool. Continue reading

How Gastric Bypass Can Affect Your Marriage

One of the side effects of gastric bypass surgery that people often fail to consider is how the overwhelming changes will affect their marriage.

Studies show that the divorce rate after WLS is high. Then again, other studies report that patients report greater satisfaction in their marriages. So who’s right?

They probably both are.

Undergoing weight loss surgery is just a first step. Over the next year or two, the dramatic weight loss has ramifications for every aspect of your life. And since it happens so quickly, it’s really easy to lose touch with reality.

Imagine living in a funhouse for a year or so. All the mirrors are warped, so you have no way of knowing what you really, truly look like. You may even begin to lose sight of who you are. It’s as if a new person is emerging from beneath the layer of fat. Continue reading