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Plastic Surgery – The Process Begins (Hopefully)

Well, I did it. At least I think so.

I think I found a reason to have my insurance cover some plastic surgery for me. A real reason. Something I actually really need fixed whether it would look better or not. Although I was worried at first about getting plastic surgery, but then I read some after care guides that helped me feel more at ease. You can read their guide here.

In a nutshell, I had the gastric bypass. I lost 150 pounds. So pretty much everything on my body is.. well… lets just say lower than it used to be. Gives new meaning to the term “sportin’ a sag.” Continue reading

After Gastric Bypass: Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

I recently saw this report on FoxNews.com about a woman who’d lost 185 pounds through Gastric Bypass. The problem? Now she has hanging skin.

It’s something to consider. As I work my way down the scale, it’s certainly starting to bother me. Sure, I look great with clothes ON, but come bath time… all I can say is YUCK.

How are you dealing with it? Or, how do you plan to? My insurance company told me up front that they would not pay for plastics after my gastric bypass. And with costs in the thousands, well… Let’s just say I’m looking around for another idea. I’ll let you know if I find one.

Till then, check this story out: