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Saggy, Baggy Skin

I took a shower yesterday.

You know you’re in bad shape when that’s news. But I am, and it is. It’s now been a solid month since my emergency surgery, and just over three weeks since the incision became infected. Since then, I’ve basically been sleeping most of the time, or just laying around. After a month of that, I have no energy.

Since I hadn’t seen myself without clothes for a while, it was more than the normal shock. You see, with clothes on, I look pretty darn good. I’m somewhere between a size 8 and a 10, depending on where I’ve tried stuff on. And I’ve even begun to see myself as being this size.

But once the clothes came off… Well, it’s a bit jarring to see my sagging skin. I’ve lost 10 pounds pretty quickly during this ordeal, and those pounds have been the hardest on my skin.

My stomach looks like melted candle wax. Continue reading

Gastric Bypass Surgery Complication Pt. 6: Wound Management

Wanna see my wound?

I went a few days ago and got hooked up to something called a wound vac. Basically, they stuck a sponge that looks a lot like the carbon filter from my son’s fish tank into my wound, attached a drainage tube and hooked the whole thing up to this little machine that gurgles all the time, sucking the draining fluid out of my stomach.

The positives of this machine are that, A, they taped up my wound so it’s no longer just open. That has helped a lot with my anxiety (of course, the Xanax hasn’t exactly hurt matters, either). And B, it is supposed to make said wound heal much faster.

When I went to get this thing installed, after having been told by both the manufacturer AND my Doc’s office where and when my appointment was, I arrived to discover that the hospital had absolutely no record I was coming. No appointment. Couldn’t do anything because there were no doctor’s orders.

I can no longer be surprised by any of this.  (WARNING: If you click the “read more” button, you will see an actual photo of my open wound. If you have a very weak stomach, you may want not to do that. You’ve been warned.) Continue reading