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Take Charge Of Your Own Healthcare – Your Life May Depend On It

Now I’m really starting to get ticked off.

In this post, I mentioned that I’d been to my one-year follow up appointment with my gastric bypass surgeon, and that he’d briefly read off my vitamin level results and pronounced everything fine.

Well, I started thinking that I’d like to have those test results so perhaps I could write a post about them, or maybe do a page on what all is tested and how to read the results. So I asked to have my results sent to me, and they arrived today.

And everything is NOT fine.

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Study: Nutritional Deficiencies After Gastric Bypass Cannot Be Prevented By Standard Multivitamin

A study published in the May, 2008 American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition finds that regular multivitamins are NOT enough to prevent serious vitamin deficiencies after gastric bypass surgery.

Many doctors – including my own – prescribe nothing more than Flintstones vitamins plus a calcium supplement after surgery. Yet this study clearly shows that this recommendation is simply not enough to prevent gastric bypass surgery complications, much less attain optimum health.

According to this article, the study followed 137 patients for two years following RN-Y gastric bypass surgery. All were prescribed a standard multivitamin, and evaluated for deficiencies at 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months following surgery. Continue reading