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How Young Is Too Young For Weight Loss Surgery?

I’ve mentioned this topic before (Weight Loss Surgery For Teens?). But a new article came out yesterday (The Battle Over Childhood Obesity: Weighing The Risks), and it really made me mad. I was a little undecided before, when you’re talking about 16 or 17 year-old kids. But this article talks about children as young as 13 having weight loss surgery.

First off, I can totally relate to the pain of being “the fat kid.” I remember being picked on, humiliated and ignored by boys. I know what it does to your self esteem, and how hard it can be to lose the weight.

I’m also a parent who’s struggled to help a child battle extra weight. It’s hard, and it can be expensive to buy healthier foods in place of the junk that kids would much rather eat. It takes constant vigilance, and a willingness to be “the bad guy” when your kid really wants that extra helping.

But even though I understand the difficulties, I just cannot imagine allowing my 13 year old son to undergo weight loss surgery. Too many things can go wrong, and besides – being 13 is tough enough without the extra mental roller coaster that weight loss surgery brings on.

Yet there are apparently a growing number of parents perfectly willing to shove their children under the knife rather than act like parents and help them lose weight on their own. Continue reading