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Losing Weight Again

It finally seems to be happening. Although I hate to say it out loud, because last time I did it went away overnight.

But I seem to be losing weight again. Finally!

My latest weight was 173. This is after bouncing between 176 and 178 for what seemed like forever. Of course, before that I was stuck on 180 for over a month.

So, just when I thought I’d never see my goal of 150, it looks like maybe, just maybe, I’ll get there one day.

I am at least a little closer!

Finally! The Scale Is Moving!

I hesitated to write this post. Because last time I thought I had finally moved off my plateau the 2 pounds I lost came roaring right back.

But after several days of below-180land, I can officially declare an end to my days on this plateau. Yaay!

This morning I am all the way down to 176 or 177 – my scale isn’t digital and my eyes are a bit blurry in the morning.

I had an appointment last week with my surgeon, and while there I talked about the plateau with the nurse, who has also had gastric bypass surgery. She said that she spent 3 whole months at 150, so figured she was done and this was where her body meant for her to stay. Continue reading

Why Does Weight Loss Seem So Slow?

This morning at church I was talking to a friend of mine who’s also had gastric bypass surgery. Hers was in January of this year (5 months ago), and she’s lost 55 pounds. That’s an average of 10 pounds a month, which is pretty much the same rate I had.

Yet both of us said we felt like we were constantly on a plateau.

What is it about this surgery that makes weight loss like this feel like a snails pace? Continue reading