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Emergency Day 4: It’s Working

The 5 Day Pouch Test is working. But it still isn’t easy or fun.

Yesterday was day 3. Soft protein like scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, canned tuna or salmon. Pretty much the only thing on that list that I like was the eggs.

I had a quiche at my favorite coffee shop (didn’t eat the crust), then some cottage cheese in the afternoon (ick), snacked on SF pudding cups in between (you can never have too much chocolate) and had a ham, mushroom and cheese omlette for dinner.

It feels like I am definitely regaining control. And the good news is that the scale is still cooperating: 152 this morning. The bad news, however, is that I still feel like crap. Continue reading

Emergency Day 3

Well, on Day 3 of my 5 Day Pouch Test, ┬áit’s getting easier.

Yesterday was still tough. No solid food. By the end of the day I was tired and had a headache. I had drama practice in the evening and I could tell my brain wasn’t really in it.

Today I’m up to scrambled eggs and cottage cheeses and stuff. So I decided to get out of Dodge. My favorite coffee shop has quiches that are really good. I guess that counts as scrambled eggs if I don’t eat the crust right? I hope so cuz that’s what I did.

I hung out there for several hours, sort of working. My brain still isn’t all there I don’t think. I’m back home now and I feel kind of light headed still, tired and woozy. I did have some cottage cheese and a pudding cup when I got here.

I can definitely tell a difference tho in my hunger level and what I can eat. It took very little cottage cheese till I felt somewhat full – of course I don’t really like cottage cheese either. I waited a few before the pudding cup. For dinner I’m going to make an omlette… ham and cheese and mushrooms.

So far the Pouch Test seems to be having the desired effect – I’m not craving carbs and like I said don’t feel as hungry. I remember getting to the place after gastric bypass surgery where hunger just wasnt’ an emergency any more like it had been before. Continue reading

Emergency, Day 2

Wow yesterday was tough.

It was Day 1 of my 5 Day Pouch Test. I was crabby and hungry. I ate a LOT of sugar free pudding and cream of chicken soup. I had 2 protein shakes. I think I definitely got my protein quota in for the day. I drank Fuze’s.. not exactly the water that’s called for. I did drink a couple bottles of that too. Fuze is low carb tho.

But I think I’m having carb withdrawals. My head hurts, I’m dizzy. My stomach is seriously upset… I guess part of that is cleansing my system. Continue reading

Redefining Yourself After Weight Loss Surgery

Successful female dielWeight loss surgery changes more than just your appearance and your eating habits. No matter where you are in the process, you probably already have a basic knowledge of this fact.

But it’s hard to overstate the mental impact losing so much weight so quickly has on you. Once you get to the other side of the roller coaster ride, and realize that you’ve reached your goal, you still have to process who this new person you see in the mirror really is. Continue reading

Bariatric Surgery Success Increases With Physical Activity

Exercise Improves Bariatric Surgery SuccessSometimes I am amazed at the things that are reported as “news,” even though they should be common sense. Nonetheless, it seems scientists have proven that bariatric surgery success improves with exercise.

Researchers from The Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine say, “Previously inactive patients who became physically active after bariatric surgery lost more weight and achieved greater improvements in quality of life than those patients who remained inactive.” Continue reading

How Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients Can Lose 35% More Weight

You have gastric bypass surgery, for the most part, because you want to lose a whole lot of weight. Sure, there are benefits beyond weight loss. But let’s face it: the number one reason for rearranging your insides is to dump as much fat as possible.

So pretty much everyone who’s gone under the knife should be interested in this recent survey by Harris Interactive. It was conducted on behalf of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. And it found one simple thing you can do that will not only result in losing an average of 35% more weight, it’ll secure you “a better quality of life.”

Again, it’s a simple thing to do. Almost common sense. Yet I constantly see people – both in my everyday life and online in various weight loss surgery chatrooms – who just simply refuse to do it. Then they whine and complain because they’re not losing weight as fast as others they see.

What is this simple, common-sense thing you can do that will bring such great rewards? Continue reading

NJ Bariatric Center Offers Tips For Keeping Weight Off After Bariatric Surgery

This article is a PR piece from the New Jersey Bariatric Center. So naturally it’s going to contain links to that facility. I don’t know anything about them, good or bad, so by using this article I’m not endorsing them or recommending them or anything. If you live in that area they’re an option I’d certainly look into.

But the article has what I think is some fantastic advice about one of our main concerns – not regaining weight after gastric bypass or lap band surgery. So here it is, in it’s entirety: Continue reading

Dealing With Irritating (But Well Meaning) Comments And Opinions

Me after gastric bypassI’m a little irritated today.

First, some good news: I’ve got new pics, and despite not really liking my hairdo, I look pretty darn good.

The skirt I’m wearing is a 12, but it’s very loose. This was taken after I’d been to Wal-Mart and successfully fit into 8′s.

So as you look at this picture, what do you see? Do you see a woman who’s done losing weight? Well, I don’t. I’m still 25 pounds away from what is considered a normal, healthy weight for my height.

And underneath the clothes, there is is definitely plenty of fat still hanging around.

But here’s the part I’m irritated about. I have friends (more than one) who have taken me aside in recent days to ask, “Aren’t you done losing weight? Surely you don’t want to lose any more!”

When I reply that yes, I have 25 more pounds to go the response is something like, “But you look good now! You need to stop!”

And this frustrates me to no end. Don’t you think I know my own body? Don’t you think I know whether or not there is fat there that needs to go?

Do they think I’m going to become aneorexic? Continue reading

WOW – What Size Did I Just Put On?

It seems slow, but weight loss adds up fastOh. My. God. I am in total shock.

This morning, I had some time to kill before a class I teach two days a week. So I went to Wal Mart, which is right around the corner from the school. My clothes (size 12′s) have gotten loose, so I thought it’d be fun to see if I could wear a 10 yet.

Now, understand this. I never imagined I’d even reach a 10. I figured when I reached my goal weight (which as of this morning is still 28 pounds away) I’d probably be in about a 12. When I was in a size 24, a 12 was as far into the hazy horizon as I could possibly see.

So I was pretty excited to think I might be down to a 10. Except that I’m not. No, when I put those 10′s on this morning, they were too big! Continue reading

Losing Weight Again

It finally seems to be happening. Although I hate to say it out loud, because last time I did it went away overnight.

But I seem to be losing weight again. Finally!

My latest weight was 173. This is after bouncing between 176 and 178 for what seemed like forever. Of course, before that I was stuck on 180 for over a month.

So, just when I thought I’d never see my goal of 150, it looks like maybe, just maybe, I’ll get there one day.

I am at least a little closer!