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If I Could Do It All Over, Would I STILL Have Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Me after gastric bypassI’m taking a slight break from chronicling my weeks of misery. There’s still a bit more to tell, though I’ve already told you the worst of it. Mostly, I want to vent about some of the ridiculous things that happened – the medical personnel who were incompetant or rude or both. I really want to drive home the fact that you have rights when you’re in the hospital and you shouldn’t take crap from anyone. And that you have to be vigilant, because some of the hospital staff could care less about you.

Plus, it’ll be therapeutic.

But first, I want to tackle the topic I’d planned to put off till more time had passed. I wanted to give myself enough distance from the trauma to make sure I could be objective.

I’m jumping on into it, though, because I’m already being asked the question. Both by some of the medical people I’ve interacted with over the last couple of days, and by a few people online.

The question is, in light of this horrible experience, would I STILL have gastric bypass surgery if I had a chance to do it all over again? Continue reading